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Ref ID: 21411
Ref Type: Book (Edited)
Editors: Enfield, N. J.
Title: Dynamics of human diversity: the case of mainland Southeast Asia
Date: 2011
Source: Pacific Linguistics
Place of Publication: Canberra, Australia
Publisher: Pacific Linguistics
Notes: Contents: Dynamics of human diversity in mainland Southeast Asia: introduction-N.J. Enfield pt. 1. Disciplinary perspectives. Cultural diversity in mainland Southeast Asia: a view from prehistory-Joyce C. White Human diversity in mainland Southeast Asia: the contribution of bioarchaeology-Siân E. Halcrow, N. Tayles Linguistic diversity in mainland Southeast Asia-N.J. Enfield MtDNA variation and southward Holocene human dispersals within mainland Southeast Asia-Stephen Oppenheimer Ethnology and the issue of human diversity in mainland Southeast Asia-Hjorleifur Jonsson pt. 2. Archaeological advances. The role of agriculture in the evolution of mainland Southeast Asian language phyla-Roger Blench Population history of MSEA: the two layer model in the context of Northern Vietnam-Hirofumi Matsumara ... [et al.] A physical anthropology perspective on a mainland Southeast Asian agrarian population: prehistoric skulls of Ban Chiang-Korakot Boonlop and Sureeratana Bubpha pt. 3. Intra-group diversity: the case of Aslian groups. Biological and cultural evolution in the population and culture history of Homo sapiens in Malaya-David Bulbeck Language history and culture groups among Austroasiatic-speaking foragers of the Malay Peninsula-Niclas Burenhult, Nicole Kruspe and Michael Dunn Origin of genetic diversity among Malaysian Orang Asli: an alternative to the demic diffusion model-Alan Fix pt. 4. Origins and diversification: the case of Austrasiatic groups. Austroasiatic word histories: boat, husked rice and taro-Gérard Diffloth The Austroasiatic Urheimat: the Southeastern Riverine Hypothesis- Paul Sidwell and Roger Blench The Austroasiatics: east to west or west to east?-Laurent Sagart Rice and the Austroasiatic and Hmong-Mien homelands-George Van Driem.
Extent: 1
Identifier: 9.78E+12
Date Created: 2/7/2012
Volume: 627
Page End: 396