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Ref ID: 19974
Ref Type: Book
Authors: Richardson, S. D.
Title: Forests and forestry in China: changing patterns of resource development
Date: 1990
Place of Publication: Washington D.C.
Publisher: Island Press
Notes: Description: China's forest regions are vast and diverse—including the northern coniferous forests to the tropical rain forests of the east, the steppes and desert forests of the north, and the mountain and plateau forests of the west and southwest. This land of 9.6 million square kilometers contains 30,000 species, including 2,8000 tree species and 2,700 genera of seed plants, making China's flora among the richest in the world. Professor S.D. Richardson, the West's foremost forestry expert on China and author of the 1966 classic <i>Forestry in Communist China</i>, recently revisited China for an in-depth look at current forest practice. In this comprehensive and timely book, he details how forest resources are managed. He includes lessons learned by the Chinese that can be applied to many other developing countries.
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