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Ref ID: 19941
Ref Type: Book
Authors: Hauser-Scha╠łublin, Brigitta
Nabholz-Kartaschoff, Marie-Louise
Ramseyer, Urs
Title: Textiles in Bali
Date: 1991
Place of Publication: Berkeley, California
Publisher: Periplus
Notes: Description: Embued by the Balinese with magical powers and deep social significane, textiles play a vital role in all religious observances. Gods, humans, and even temples are arrayed on festival days in exquisite hand-wrought fabrics, several of which rank among the most spectacular ever produced by the textile arts of Southeast Asia. In this beautifully illustrated book, three experts examine the history, production and uses of textiles in Balinese society. Many fine pieces are presented, their raw materials and methods of weaving and dyeing are described, and the complex symbolism and ritual functions of each are explained in detail.
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