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Ref ID: 19900
Ref Type: Book
Authors: Chan, Anthony
Title: Hmong textile designs
Date: 1990
Source: International Design Library
Place of Publication: Owings Mills, Maryland
Publisher: Stemmer House
Notes: Description: This volume in the International Design Library Series presents the joyous designs incorporated into the pa ndau or flower cloth textiles of the Hmong (pronounced 'Mung') people who are indigenous to Vietnam, Burma, Laos and Thailand, and recent immigrants to the United States and other countries. The pa ndau is a complex form of textile art, utilizing applique, reverse applique, cross-stitching and embroidery. The designs stitched into the fabric are equally complex, displaying traditional activities, folklore and religious beliefs. Among the larger pa ndau are 'story-cloths, ' which tell ancient myths and recent events. Examples of these, too, are rendered magnificently, along with their captions in English.
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