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Ref ID: 18914
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Pawlik, Alfred
Crozier, Rebecca
Fuentes, Rizcar
Wood, Rachel
Piper, Philip
Title: Burial traditions in early Mid-Holocene Island Southeast Asia: new evidence from Bubog-1, Ilin Island, Mindoro Occidental
Date: 2019
Source: Antiquity
DOI: 10.15184/aqy.2018.190
Abstract: The Bubog-1 rockshelter on Ilin Island has provided important evidence for Late Pleistocene to Mid-Holocene (c. 33 000–4000 cal BP) human habitation, yet little is known about the contemporaneous transmission of material culture, technology and mortuary practices across Island Southeast Asia. Recent archaeological research at Bubog-1 has revealed a tightly flexed inhumation dating to c. 5000 cal BP—a type representative of a widespread, contemporaneous burial practice observed across the region. The emergence of diverse burial practices and their spread across Island Southeast Asia coincides with evidence for technological innovation and increasing long-distance interaction between island communities.
Volume: 93
Number: 370
Page Start: 901
Page End: 918