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Thesis-MA 2017 Moonkham, Piyawit Mythscape: an ethnohistorical archaeology of space and narrative of the naga in northern Thailand [Moonkham, 2017 #36272]
Thesis-MA 2007 Bakara, M. R. Re-examination and meaning of the Pacitanian assemblages in the context of South-east Asian prehistory [Bakara, 2007 #36443]
Thesis-MA 2007 Heng, S. A study of polished stone tools from Samrong Sen, Cambodia: the French museum collections [Heng, 2007 #36442]
Thesis-MA 2007 Purnomo, A. La sédimentation du lac de Guyang Warak (Punung-Java Est, Indonésie) [Purnomo, 2007 #36441]
Thesis-MA 2007 Robles, E. Palynological investigation of a laminated sediment core from Lake Guyang Warak, Java, Indonesia [Robles, 2007 #36440]
Thesis-MA 2000 Onsuwan, Chureekamol Excavation of Ban Mai Chaimongkol, Nakhon Sawan Province, central Thailand: a study of site stratigraphy, chronology and its implications for the prehistory of central Thailand [Onsuwan, 2000 #36444]
Thesis-MA 1968 Tima, Rufino G. Reaction to health innovation: the case of two Kalinga villages [Tima, 1968 #36445]
Thesis-MA 2003 Boonlop, Korakot An analysis of prehistoric human skeletal remains of Ban Chiang cultural tradition from Ban Khok Khon site, Sakon Nakhon Province [Boonlop, 2003 #36446]
Thesis-MA 1994 Hinckley, Alissa A. A metallographic and analytical study of prehistoric bronzes from northeast Thailand [Hinckley, 1994 #36447]
Thesis-MA 1983 Kingscott, Anne Underhill A mortuary analysis of the Dawenkou cemetery site, Shandong, China [Kingscott, 1983 #36448]
Thesis-MA 2005 Huffer, Damien Social organization at the Neolithic/Bronze Age boundary in northern Vietnam: Man Bac Cemetery as a case study [Huffer, 2005 #36449]
Thesis-MA 2004 Barram, Andrew A report on excavations at U-thong, Thailand (a re-examination of the excavations of the Thai-British expedition of 1969-70) [Barram, 2004 #36450]
Thesis-MA 1956 Sudsaneh, Saovanee A study of food consumption and nutrient intakes in relation to physical findings for eleven selected Thai families, Bang Chan [Sudsaneh, 1956 #36451]
Thesis-MA 1958 Smith, Barbara Joan Observations on growth in height and weight and on feeding practices of infants and young children in Bang Chan, Thailand, 1952-1954 [Smith, 1958 #36452]
Thesis-MA 1970 O'Connor, Kay A village study in central peninsula Thailand [O'Connor, 1970 #36453]
Thesis-MA 1988 Lindbergh, Susan Miller Traditional costumes of the Lao Hmong refugees in Montana: a study of cultural continuity and change [Lindbergh, 1988 #36454]
Thesis-MA 2003 Neri, Lee M. Obsidian sourcing at the Huluga Open Site: an evidence exchange? [Neri, 2003 #36457]
Thesis-MA 2002 Woods, Moira A spatial and statistical analysis of Ban Don Ta Phet [Woods, 2002 #36456]
Thesis-MA 1986 Pilditch, Jacqueline S. The Ban Na Di jewellery: a typological and comparative study [Pilditch, 1986 #36455]
Thesis-MA 1999 Nelson, Kirsten M. The dental health of the people from Noen U-Loke. A prehistoric Iron Age site in northeast Thailand [Nelson, 1999 #36458]
Thesis-MA 1998 Godkin Feasby, Rebecca Susanne Stable isotope evidence for dietary patterns and environmental conditions at Tell Leilan, Syria, ca. 1900-2900 B.C [Godkin 1998 #36459]
Thesis-MA 2001 Webster, Monica Prehistoric diet and human adaptation in West Central Chihuahua, Mexico [Webster, 2001 #36461]
Thesis-MA 2001 Mijares, Armand Salvador B. Minori cave andesite flakes: An expedient lithic chronology in northern Luzon (Philippines) [Mijares, 2001 #36460]
Thesis-MA 1988 Gillogly, Kathleen A. The ethnography of animal husbandry in lowland Thailand: Aspects of human, animal, and crop interactions [Gillogly, 1988 #36462]
Thesis-MA 1997 Lertrit, Sawang The management of archaeological resources in Thailand: a case study of the historic town of Chiang Saen [Lertrit, 1997 #36467]
Thesis-MA 1985 Nilakul, Endu A study of pottery at Tambon Ki Bua, Amphoe Muang Ratchaburi, from excavation during 1981-1982 [Nilakul, 1985 #36466]
Thesis-MA 1993 Silapanth, Pra-on The ceramic chronology of the Chi Valley: a case study of the ancient community at Muang Fa Daed Song Yang [Silapanth, 1993 #36465]
Thesis-MA 1985 Siripanich, Sunee An analytical study on pottery from the excavation at Ban Tha Kae, Muang District, Lopburi Province [Siripanich, 1985 #36464]
Thesis-MA 1982 Veeraprasert, Mayuri Étude archaéologique sur la Site de Sab Champa [Veeraprasert, 1982 #36463]
Thesis-MA 1967 Yeoh, H. H. The culture of stamped pottery with geometric designs in the neolithic period of southeastern coastal China [Yeoh, 1967 #36468]