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Book Section in a Series 1999 Lucero, Lisa J. Water Control and Maya Politics in the Southern Maya Lowlands Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World [Lucero, 1999 #18919]
Book Section in a Series 1999 Graham, Elizabeth Stone Cities, Green Cities Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World [Graham, 1999 #18924]
Book 1954 Desch, Harold Ernest Manual of Malayan timbers Malayan Forest Records [Desch, 1954 #19825]
Book 2003 Janowski, Monica The forest, source of life: the Kelabit of Sarawak Occasional Paper (British Museum) [Janowski, 2003 #19932]
Book 1998 Isamu Yamada Tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia Monographs of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University [Isamu 1998 #19943]
Book 1992 Smith, Nigel J. H. Tropical forests and their crops [Smith, 1992 #19971]
Book 1983 Hamilton, Lawrence S. Tropical forested watersheds: hydrologic and soils response to major uses or conversions [Hamilton, 1983 #19972]
Book 1990 Hurst, Philip Rainforest politics: ecological destruction in South-East Asia [Hurst, 1990 #19973]
Book 2008 Forsyth, Tim Forest guardians, forest destroyers: the politics of environmental knowledge in northern Thailand [Forsyth, 2008 #20098]
Book 1969 Holttum, R. E. Plant life in Malaya [Holttum, 1969 #20957]
Book 1971 Holdridge, L. R. Forest environments in tropical zones: a pilot study [Holdridge, 1971 #21004]
Book 1967 Holdridge, L. R. Life zone ecology [Holdridge, 1967 #21125]
Book 1962 Royal Forestry Department, Thailand Types of forests of Thailand [Royal 1962 #21233]
Book 1979 Flenley, John R. The equatorial rain forest: a geological history [Flenley, 1979 #21239]
Book 1978 Mungkorndin, Sompetch Forestry in Thailand [Mungkorndin, 1978 #21242]
Book (Edited) 1989 Campbell, David G. Floristic inventory of tropical forests: the status of plant systematics, collection, and vegetation [Campbell, 1989 #21386]
Book (Edited) 2000 Robinson, John G. Hunting for sustainability in tropical rainforests Biology and Resource Management Series [Robinson, 2000 #21417]
Book (Edited) 1994 Hather, Jon Tropical archaeobotany: applications and new developments [Hather, 1994 #21485]
Book (Edited) 1988 Denslow, Julie Sloan People of the tropical rain forest [Denslow, 1988 #21619]
Book in a Series 1968 Cobban, James L. The traditional use of the forests in mainland Southeast Asia [Cobban, 1968 #21966]
Book in a Series 1976 Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University Quantitative studies of the seasonal tropical forest vegetation in Thailand [Faculty 1976 #21971]
Book in a Series 1975 Janzen, Daniel H. Ecology of plants in the tropics [Janzen, 1975 #21994]
Book Section 2015 Denham, Tim Socio-environmental adaption to the montane rainforests of New Guinea The Routledge handbook of bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [Denham, 2015 #22450]
Book Section 2009 Baker, Patrick J. Fire behavior and fire effects across the forest landscape of continental Southeast Asia Tropical fire ecology: climate change, land use, and ecosystem dynamics [Baker, 2009 #22781]
Book Section 2001 Karim, Wazir Jahan Environmental economics and the Ma' Bəetise' in mangrove rainforests Minority cultures of peninsular Malaysia: survivals of indigenous heritage [Karim, 2001 #23964]
Book Section 1994 Nadelhoffer, K. J. Nitrogen isotope studies in forest ecosystems Stable isotopes in ecology and environmental science [Nadelhoffer, 1994 #24454]
Book Section 1978 Janzen, Daniel H. Seeding patterns of tropical trees Tropical trees as living systems: the proceedings of the Fourth Cabot Symposiun held at Harvard Forest, Petersham Massachusetts on April 26-30, 1976 [Janzen, 1978 #24488]
Book Section 1988 Ellen, Roy Foraging, starch extraction and the sedentary lifestyle in the lowland rainforest of central Seram Hunters and gatherers [Ellen, 1988 #24661]
Book Section 1982 Walker, D. Speculations on the origin and evolution of the Sunda-Sahul rain forests Biological diversification in the tropics [Walker, 1982 #24668]
Book Section 1980 Bronson, Bennet South-east Asia: civilizations of the tropical forests Cambridge encyclopedia of archaeology [Bronson, 1980 #24924]