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Book Section in a Series 1989 Coinman, N. R. Aspects of Structure in an Epipaleolithic Occupation Site in West Central Jordan Alternative Approaches to Lithic Analysis [Coinman, 1989 #25208]
Book Section 2005 Steinberg, John M. Logistics of Fieldwork and Collecting Field Data Handbook of Archaeological Methods [Steinberg, 2005 #22206]
Book Section 2005 Aldenderfer, Mark Statistics for Archaeology Handbook of Archaeological Methods [Aldenderfer, 2005 #22191]
Book (Edited) 2005 Maschner, Herbert D. G. Handbook of Archaeological Methods [Maschner, 2005 #21326]
Book Section in a Series 2012 Higham, C. F. W. Appendix 1: a statistical analysis of the burials The origins of the civilization of Angkor, vol. 5: the excavation of Ban Non Wat, part three: the bronze age [Higham, 2012 #25459]
Book 2000 Orton, Clive Sampling in archaeology Cambridge manuals in archaeology [Orton, 2000 #20065]
Book Section 1991 Sinopoli, C. M. Appendix: statistical techniques for ceramic analysis Approaches to archaeological ceramics [Sinopoli, 1991 #23373]
Book Section 2005 Baxter, M. J. Multivariate analysis in archaeology Handbook of archaeological sciences [Baxter, 2005 #23466]
Book Section 2001 Neff, H. Synthesizing analytical data - spatial results from Pottery Provenance Investigation Handbook of archaeological sciences [Neff, 2001 #23465]
Book Section in a Series 2004 Michczyński, A. Problems of construction of a radiocarbon chronology for the time period 900-300 cal BC Impact of the environment on human migration in Eurasia [Michczyński, 2004 #25704]
Book Section in a Series 2004 Dolukhanov, P. M. Prehistoric environment, human migrations and origin of pastoralism in northern Eurasia Impact of the environment on human migration in Eurasia [Dolukhanov, 2004 #25696]
Book Section in a Series 2004 Pazdur, Anna Archaeological cultures on the background of climatic changes in the Holocene, Poland Impact of the environment on human migration in Eurasia [Pazdur, 2004 #25691]
Journal Article 1953 Spaulding, Albert C. Statistical techniques for the discovery of artifact types American Antiquity [Spaulding, 1953 #29704]
Book Section in a Series 1990 Cowgill, George L. Artifact classification and archaeological purposes Mathematics and information science in archaeology: a flexible framework [Cowgill, 1990 #25799]
Journal Article 1962 Textor, Robert B. A stastical method for the study of shamanism: a case study from field work in Thailand Human Organization [Textor, 1962 #30252]
Journal Article 2003 Pietrusewsky, Michael Taiwan aboriginals and peoples of the Pacific-Asia region: multivariate craniometric comparisons Anthropological Science [Pietrusewsky, 2003 #31256]
Journal Article 2001 Kasuya, Ellti Mann-Whitney U test when variances are unequal Animal Behaviour [Kasuya, 2001 #31921]
Journal Article 2002 Feldesman, Marc R. Classification trees as an alternative to linear discriminant analysis American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Feldesman, 2002 #31908]
Journal Article 2003 Cochrane, Grant W. G. Artefact attribute richness and sample size adequacy Journal of Archaeological Science [Cochrane, 2003 #31815]
Book 2003 Moore, David S. Introduction to the practice of statistics [Moore, 2003 #20937]
Journal Article 1999 Pietrusewsky, Michael A multivariate craniometric study of the inhabitants of the Ryukyu Islands and comparisons with cranial series from Japan, Asia, and the Pacific Anthropological Science [Pietrusewsky, 1999 #31972]
Journal Article 1962 Green, Roger The application of matrix index systems to archaeological materials Asian Perspectives (1961) [Green, 1962 #33536]
Journal Article 1964 Gabori, Miklos New data on Palaeolithic finds in Mongolia Asian Perspectives (1963) [Gabori, 1964 #33488]
Journal Article 1989 Pietrusewsky, Michael Review of "Multivariate statistical methods in physical anthropology : a review of recent advances and current developments," G. N. van Vark and W. W. Howells, editors Asian Perspectives (1986-1987) [Pietrusewsky, 1989 #33022]
Journal Article 1999 Habu, Junko Jomon pottery production in central Japan Asian Perspectives (1999) [Habu, 1999 #32759]
Journal Article 1988 Gage, Timothy B. Mathematical hazard models of mortality: an alternative to model life tables American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Gage, 1988 #34706]
Book Section 1997 Feldesman, Marc R. Bridging the chasm: demystifying some statistical methods used in biological anthropology Biological anthropology: the state of the science [Feldesman, 1997 #24656]
Journal Article 1996 Kvamme, Kenneth L. Alternative procedures for assessing standardization in ceramic assemblages American Antiquity [Kvamme, 1996 #34831]
Journal Article 1970 Hodson, Frank R. Cluster analysis and archaeology: some new developments and applications World Archaeology [Hodson, 1970 #35182]
Book Section 1970 Howells, W. W. Multivariate analysis for the identification of race from crania Personal identification in mass disasters [Howells, 1970 #24796]