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Book Section 1988 Babadzan, Alain <i>Kastom</i> and nation-building in the South Pacific Ethnicities and nations: processes of interethnic relations in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific [Babadzan, 1988 #22566]
Book (Edited) 2010 Bellina, Bérénice 50 years of archaeology in Southeast Asia: essays in honour of Ian Glover [Bellina, 2010 #21444]
Thesis 1971 Bayard, Donn Thomas A course toward what? Evolution, development and change at Non Nok Tha, Northeastern Thailand Anthropology [Bayard, 1971 #36275]
Thesis 1999 O'Reilly, Dougald J. W. A diachronic analysis of social organization in the Mun River Valley Department of Anthropology [O'Reilly, 1999 #36411]
Journal Article 2015 Cheesman, Patricia A new method of classification for Tai textiles Journal of the Siam Society [Cheesman, 2015 #36672]
Journal Article 2001 Bleed, Peter A nice place to live and work: community structure at Yagi Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bleed, 2001 #34047]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Kim, Nam C. A pathway to emergent social complexity and state power: a view from Southeast Asia The evolution of social institutions: interdisciplinary perspectives [Kim, 2020 #36843]
Journal Article 1979 Hale, Ann A reassessment of northern Thai matrilineages Mankind [Hale, 1979 #35242]
Book Section in a Series 1974 Willey, Gordon R. A summary of the complex societies colloquium Reconstructing complex societies: an archaeological colloquium [Willey, 1974 #25824]
Book Section 2011 MacDonald, Charles A theoretical overview of anarchic solidarity Anarchic solidarity: autonomy, equality, and fellowship in Southeast Asia [MacDonald, 2011 #22559]
Journal Article 1970 Carneiro, Robert L. A theory on the origin of the state Science [Carneiro, 1970 #28020]
Journal Article 1988 Bellwood, Peter S. Affluence and ranking, Southeast Asian style Quarterly Review of Archaeology [Bellwood, 1988 #35701]
Thesis 2003 Theunissen, Robert George Agate and carnelian beads and the dynamics of social complexity in iron age mainland Southeast Asia Archaeology and Paleoanthropology [Theunissen, 2003 #36390]
Book (Edited) 1989 Hart, Gillian Agrarian transformations: local processes and the state in Southeast Asia [Hart, 1989 #21369]
Journal Article 1996 McGuire, Randall Although they have petty captains, they obey them badly: the dialectics of prehispanic western Pueblo social organization American Antiquity [McGuire, 1996 #29829]
Journal Article 2011 Kang, Bong Won An examination of chronology, ethnic group, and social ranking based on mortuary data from central Korea Asian Perspectives (2010) [Kang, 2011 #28603]
Book Section 1990 Upham, Steadman Analog or digital?: Toward a generic framework for explaining the development of emergent political systems The evolution of political systems: sociopolitics in small-scale sedentary societies [Upham, 1990 #23853]
Book (Edited) 2011 Gibson, Thomas Anarchic solidarity: autonomy, equality, and fellowship in Southeast Asia Yale Southeast Asian Studies Monograph [Gibson, 2011 #21375]
Book Section 1978 Sedov, Leonid A. Angkor: society and state The early state [Sedov, 1978 #24887]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1991 Crabtree, Pam J. Animal use and culture change [Crabtree, 1991 #22030]
Book Section in a Series 2008 White, Joyce C. Archaeology of the Middle Mekong: introduction to the Luang Prabang province exploratory survey Recherches nouvelles sur le Laos [White, 2008 #25665]
Thesis 1979 Miksic, John Norman Archaeology, Trade and Society in Northeast Sumatra [Miksic, 1979 #36270]
Book (Edited) 1998 Feinman, Gary M. Archaic states [Feinman, 1998 #21510]
Journal Article 1995 Schurr, Mark R. Associations between agricultural intensification and social complexity: an example from the prehistoric Ohio Valley Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Schurr, 1995 #34516]
Book 1986 Nordholt, Henk Schulte Bali: colonial conceptions and political change, 1700-1940: from shifting hierarchies to "fixed order" CASP [Nordholt, 1986 #19883]
Book Section in a Series 1976 Haagensen, Hans Ban Mae Mai, a northern Thai village - a socio-architectural case study The Lampang Field Station: a Scandinavian research center in Thailand. 1969-1974 reports [Haagensen, 1976 #25573]
Book Section 2007 Janowski, Monica Being 'big', being 'good': feeding, kinship, potency and status among the Kelabit of Sarawak Kinship and food in South East Asia [Janowski, 2007 #22586]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1991 Gregg, Susan A. Between bands and states [Gregg, 1991 #22068]
Book Section in a Series 1974 Renfrew, Colin Beyond a subsistence economy: the evolution of social organization in prehistoric Europe Reconstructing complex societies: an archaeological colloquium [Renfrew, 1974 #25822]
Book Section 1998 Blanton, Richard E. Beyond centralization: steps towards a theory of egalitarian behavior in archaic states Archaic states [Blanton, 1998 #23874]