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Journal Article 1992 Di Crocco, Virginia M. Silver coins: evidence for mining at Bawzaing in the Shan state circa 6th-8th century A.D. Journal of the Siam Society [Di 1992 #36692]
Journal Article 2019 Liu, Siran Coal-fuelled crucible lead-silver smelting in 12th-13th century China: a technological innovation in the age of deforestation Journal of Archaeological Science [Liu, 2019 #19623]
Journal Article 2017 Wood, Jonathan R. Iridium to provenance ancient silver Journal of Archaeological Science [Wood, 2017 #26831]
Book Section 2018 Mukherjee, Sraman Silver links! Bagan–Bengal and shadowy metal corridors: 9th to 13th centuries Bagan and the World: Early Myanmar and Its Global Connections [Mukherjee, 2018 #22272]
Book Section 2015 Krishna, Nanditha Traditional jewellery of South India Metals and civilizations [Krishna, 2015 #22383]
Book Section 2014 Reinecke, Andreas Der Anfang des Goldhandwerks in Südostasien. Zur Verknüpfung archäologischer Befunde und metallanalytischer Ergebnisse Metalle der Macht - Frühes Gold und Silber (Metals of power - early gold and silver) [Reinecke, 2014 #22416]
Book Section 2015 Reinecke, Andreas Ancient gold and silver jewlry and the beginnings of gold working in mainland Southeast Asia Gold in Southeast Asia [Reinecke, 2015 #22420]
Journal Article 1933 Colani, Madeleine Trousses de toilette hallstattienne et actuelle Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Colani, 1933 #27910]
Journal Article 1934 Colani, Madeleine A propos de trousses de toilette Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Colani, 1934 #27909]
Journal Article 1988 Matics, K. I. Khmer silver in animal shapes Arts of Asia [Matics, 1988 #27916]
Journal Article 2012 Schlosser, Sandra Cambodian gold and silver from Prohear: composition, trace elements and gilding Journal of Archaeological Science [Schlosser, 2012 #28313]
Journal Article 2009 Roberts, Benjamin W. Development of metallurgy in Eurasia Antiquity [Roberts, 2009 #28669]
Journal Article 1909 LaTouche, T. D. The silver-lead mines of Bawdwin, northern Shan states Geological Survey of Indian Records [LaTouche, 1909 #29391]
Book Section 1989 Craddock, P.T. The production of lead, silver and zinc in early India Old World archaeometallurgy [Craddock, 1989 #23869]
Book Section in a Series 2007 Chang, N. J. The shell, silver, gold, bronze and bone personal ornaments The origins of the civilization of Angkor, volume 2: the excavation of Noen U-Loke and Non Muang Kao [Chang, 2007 #25842]
Manuscript 1999 Sagart, Laurent The contribution of metal names to linguistic comparison: 'bronze' and 'silver' in East Asian languages [Sagart, 1999 #36077]
Journal Article 1964 Wertime, T. A. Man's first encounters with metallurgy Science [Wertime, 1964 #33755]