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Journal Article 2003 Talbot, Sarah Before Angkor: early historic communities in northeast Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Talbot, 2003 #36679]
Journal Article 2016 Dixon, Boyd Okinawa as transported landscape: understanding Japanese archaeological remains on Tinian using Ryūkyū ethnohistory and ethnography Asian Perspectives (2015) [Dixon, 2016 #26845]
Book Section 1998 Webster, David Warfare and status rivalry: lowland Maya and Polynesian comparisons Archaic states [Webster, 1998 #23877]
Journal Article 1931 Patte, Étienne Quelques points de comparaison fournis par le Chine protohistorique: les haches à tenon indochinoises et les ko: los poignards de Binh-ca (Tonkin): les poteries au panier: les anneaux de jade: comparaisons avec l'art de l'âge du Fer Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Patte, 1931 #30405]
Journal Article 2003 Shinzato, Takayuki Distribution networks in the Okinawa Islands in the period parallel with the Yayoi (300 BC to AD 300) Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Shinzato, 2003 #31208]
Journal Article 1974 Harrisson, Tom Stone artifacts from Borneo paralleled in Polynesia (and elsewhere?) Asian Perspectives (1973) [Harrisson, 1974 #33240]
Journal Article 1986 Lynott, Mark J. Stable carbon isotopic evidence for maize agriculture in Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas American Antiquity [Lynott, 1986 #34597]