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Journal Article 2016 Maloney, Bernard Palaeoecology (with specific reference to Southeast Asia and the archaeological context) SPAFA Journal [Maloney, 2016 #37279]
Journal Article 2022 Wang, Weiwei Before rice and the first rice: archaeobotanical study in Ha Long Bay, Northern Vietnam Frontiers in earth science [Wang, 2022 #37189]
Journal Article 2022 Wang, Weiwei Rice and millet cultivated in Ha Long Bay of Northern Vietnam 4000 years ago Frontiers in Plant Science [Wang, 2022 #37177]
Journal Article 2021 Dai, Jinqi Earliest arrival of millet in the South China coast dating back to 5,500 years ago Journal of Archaeological Science [Dai, 2021 #37128]
Journal Article 2015 Weisskopf, Alison Phytoliths and rice: from wet to dry and back again in the Neolithic Lower Yangtze Antiquity [Weisskopf, 2015 #36867]
Journal Article 2018 Kingwell-Banham, Eleanor Archaeobotanical investigations into Golbai Sasan and Gopalpur, two Neolithic-Chalcolithic settlements of Odisha Ancient Asia [Kingwell-Banham, 2018 #36837]
Journal Article 2020 Castillo, Cristina Cobo The Khmer did not live by rice alone: archaeobotanical investigations at Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm Archaeological Research in Asia [Castillo, 2020 #36792]
Journal Article 2020 O'Donnell, Shawn Holocene development and human use of mangroves and limestone forest at an ancient  hong  lagoon in the TrĂ ng An karst, Ninh Binh, Vietnam Quaternary Science Reviews [O'Donnell, 2020 #36773]
Journal Article 2020 Deng, Zhenhua Validating earliest rice farming in the Indonesian Archipelago Scientific Reports [Deng, 2020 #36676]
Journal Article 2018 Horrocks, Mark Plant microfossil results from Old Kiyyangan Village: looking for the introduction and expansion of wet-field rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i>) cultivation in the Ifugao Rice Terraces, Philippine Cordilleras Asian Perspectives [Horrocks, 2018 #26722]
Journal Article 2018 Weisskopf, Alison Elusive wild foods in South East Asian subsistence: modern ethnography and archaeological phytoliths Quaternary International [Weisskopf, 2018 #26739]
Journal Article 2018 Yong Ge, Phytolith analysis for the identification of barnyard millet (<i>Echinochloa </i> sp.) and its implications Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Yong 2018 #26763]
Journal Article 2017 Zhang, Naimeng Diet reconstructed from an analysis of plant microfossils in human dental calculus from the Bronze Age site of Shilinggang, southwestern China Journal of Archaeological Science [Zhang, 2017 #26828]
Journal Article 2017 Kanthilatha, Nelum Implications of phytolith and diatom assemblages in the cultural layers of prehistoric archaeological sites of Ban Non Wat and Nong Hua Raet in Northeast Thailand Environmental Archaeology [Kanthilatha, 2017 #26854]
Journal Article 2017 Asscher, Yotam A new method for extracting the insoluble occluded carbon in archaeological and modern phytoliths: detection of <sup>14</sup>C depleted carbon fraction and implications for radiocarbon dating Journal of Archaeological Science [Asscher, 2017 #26906]
Journal Article 2017 Deng, Zhenhua The ancient dispersal of millets in southern China: new archaeological evidence The Holocene [Deng, 2017 #26998]
Journal Article 2015 Weisskopf, Alison The interplay of millets and rice in Neolithic central China: integrating phytoliths into the archaeobotany of Baligang Archaeological Research in Asia [Weisskopf, 2015 #27011]
Journal Article 2017 Lu, Tracey L.-D. Integrating experimental archaeology, phytolith analysis and ethnographic fieldwork to study the origin of farming in China Terra Australis [Lu, 2017 #27374]
Book 2006 Piperno, Dolores, R. Phytoliths: a comprehensive guide for archaeologists and paleoecologists [Piperno, 2006 #20275]
Book Section 1997 Kealhofer, Lisa Evidence for cultural impact on the environment during the Holocene: two phytolith sequences from the Lopburi region, Central Thailand 4th international conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Arcahaeologists [Kealhofer, 1997 #23701]
Journal Article 2008 Kennedy, Jean Pacific bananas: complex origins, multiple dispersals? Asian Perspectives (2008) [Kennedy, 2008 #29526]
Book Section in a Series 1993 Mulholland, Susan C. AMS radiocarbon dating of phytoliths Current research in phytolith analysis: applications in archaeology and paleoecology [Mulholland, 1993 #25880]
Book Section 2006 Pigott, Vincent C. A program of analysis of organic remains from prehistoric copper-producing settlements in the Khao Wong Prachan Valley, Central Thailand: a progress report Uncovering Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 10th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Pigott, 2006 #24056]
Journal Article 2005 Penny, Dan Microfossil evidence of land-use intensification in north Thailand Journal of Archaeological Science [Penny, 2005 #30580]
Journal Article 1998 Kellogg, Elizabeth A. Relationships of cereal crops and other grasses PNAS [Kellogg, 1998 #30695]
Journal Article 2004 Thorn, Vanessa C. Phytolith evidence for C4-dominated grassland since the early Holocene at Long Pocket, northeast Queensland, Australia Quaternary Research [Thorn, 2004 #30689]
Journal Article 2002 Lentfer, Carol Starch grains and environmental reconstruction: a modern test case from West New Britain, Paupa New Guinea Journal of Archaeological Science [Lentfer, 2002 #31831]
Journal Article 2003 Zheng, Yunfei Molecular genetic basis of determining subspecies of ancient rice using the shape of phytoliths Journal of Archaeological Science [Zheng, 2003 #31823]
Journal Article 1998 Piperno, Dolores R. Paleoethnobotany in Neotropics from microfossils: new insights into ancient plant use and agricultural origins in the tropical forest Journal of World Prehistory [Piperno, 1998 #31806]
Journal Article 2003 Kealhofer, Lisa Looking into the gap: land use and the tropical forests of southern Thailand Asian Perspectives (2003) [Kealhofer, 2003 #31962]