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Book Section 1955 Almeida, A. Preliminary notice of a Paleolithic station in the eastern Malaysian archipelago (Portuguese Timor) Abstracts of papers, Eighth Pacific Science Congress [Almeida, 1955 #23575]
Book Section 2015 Abdullah, Jeffrey Recent development of Palaeolithic studies in Sabah Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2013: selected papers from the First SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology [Abdullah, 2015 #22513]
Journal Article 1970 Dunn, Frederick L. Cultural evolution in the late Pleistocene and Holocene of Southeast Asia American Anthropologist [Dunn, 1970 #35803]
Journal Article 2016 Willman, John C. Incisor ablation among the late upper paleolithic people of Tam Hang (Northern Laos): Social identity, mortuary practice, and oral health American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Willman, 2016 #37191]
Journal Article 1992 White, Randall Beyond art: toward an understanding of the origins of material representation in Europe Annual Review of Anthropology [White, 1992 #29675]
Journal Article 1988 Pope, Geoffrey G. Recent advances in Far Eastern paleoanthropology Annual Review of Anthropology [Pope, 1988 #30079]
Journal Article 2002 Bar-Yosef, Ofer The Upper Paleolithic revolution Annual Review of Anthropology [Bar-Yosef, 2002 #30165]
Journal Article 2016 Shuisheng Du, Longquan cave: an early upper palaeolithic site in Henan Province, China Antiquity [Shuisheng 2016 #27628]
Journal Article 2006 Kuzmin, Yaroslav V. Chronology of the earliest pottery in East Asia: progress and pitfalls Antiquity [Kuzmin, 2006 #28339]
Journal Article 2011 Morgan, Christopher Glacial cycles and palaeolithic adaptive variability on China's western Loess Plateau Antiquity [Morgan, 2011 #28477]
Journal Article 2008 Lewis, Helen Terminal Pleistocene to mid-Holocene occupation and an early cremation burial at Ille Cave, Palawan, Philippines Antiquity [Lewis, 2008 #29426]
Journal Article 2022 Ochoa, Janine Tropical island adaptations in Southeast Asia during the Last Glacial Maximum: evidence from Palawan Antiquity [Ochoa, 2022 #37057]
Journal Article 2017 Zhang, Xinglong Qingshuiyuan Dadong: A newly discovered Late Paleolithic site in Guizhou province, China Archaeological Research in Asia [Zhang, 2017 #27029]
Journal Article 2021 Xie, Guangmao Stratigraphy and chronology of the palaeolithic industry in Bose Basin, South China: Excavation of Gaolingpo Archaeological Research in Asia [Xie, 2021 #37132]
Journal Article 1971 Ghosh, Asok K. Ordering of lower palaeolithic traditions in south and Southeast Asia Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania [Ghosh, 1971 #35246]
Book Section in a Series 1967 Boriskovsky, P. I. Problems of the Paleolithic and of the Mesolithic of Southeast Asia Archaeology at the 11th Pacific Science Congress: papers presented at the XI Pacific Science Congress, Tokyo, August-September 1966 [Boriskovsky, 1967 #26208]
Book Section 1995 Shutler, Richard, Jr. Hominid cultural evolution as seen from archaeological evidence in Southeast Asia Archaeology in Southeast Asia [Shutler, 1995 #24684]
Journal Article 2006 Anisyutkin, N. K. The paleolithic flake industry in Vietnam Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia [Anisyutkin, 2006 #28839]
Journal Article 2007 Forestier, Hubert Les éclats du passé préhistorique de Sumatra : une très longue histoire des techniques Archipel [Forestier, 2007 #28926]
Journal Article 1969 Larichev, V. E. The discovery of the Paleolithic in Korea (The Coulpo Culture) Arctic Anthropology [Larichev, 1969 #29392]
Conference Proceeding 1984 Pramankij, Somsak The significance of extra-large lower Palaeolithic tools discovered recently in Thailand Art and Archaeology, V. 6. International Conference on Thai Studies, August 22-24, 1984 [Pramankij, 1984 #26581]
Journal Article 2018 Qu, Tongli Late Middle Palaeolithic subsistence in the Central Plain of China: a zooarchaeological view from the Laonainaimiao site, Henan Province Asian Perspectives [Qu, 2018 #26716]
Journal Article 1960 Solheim, Wilhelm G. The present status of the 'Palaeolithic' in Borneo Asian Perspectives (1958) [Solheim, 1960 #30280]
Journal Article 1960 Chang, Kwang-chih New light on early man in China Asian Perspectives (1958) [Chang, 1960 #31938]
Journal Article 1961 Okladnikov, A. P. Palaeolithic sites in Trans-Baikal, translated by Chester S. Chard Asian Perspectives (1960) [Okladnikov, 1961 #33578]
Journal Article 1962 Soejono, R. P. Preliminary notes on new finds of lower-palaeolithic implements from Indonesia Asian Perspectives (1961) [Soejono, 1962 #33543]
Journal Article 1964 Gabori, Miklos New data on Palaeolithic finds in Mongolia Asian Perspectives (1963) [Gabori, 1964 #33488]
Journal Article 1968 Saurin, E. Le Paléolithique du Cambodge Oriental Asian Perspectives (1966) [Saurin, 1968 #28863]
Journal Article 1975 Ikawa-Smith, Fumiko Japanese ancestors and palaeolithic archaeology Asian Perspectives (1975) [Ikawa-Smith, 1975 #33189]
Journal Article 1978 Ikawa-Smith, Fumiko Chronological framework for the study of the Paleolithic in Japan Asian Perspectives (1976) [Ikawa-Smith, 1978 #33141]