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Journal Article 1970 Howells, W. W. Anthropometric grouping analysis fo Pacific peoples Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania [Howells, 1970 #35281]
Journal Article 1998 Iscan, M. Yasar Sexual dimorphism in the humerus: a comparative analysis of Chinese, Japanese and Thais Forensic Science International [Iscan, 1998 #35402]
Journal Article 1990 Ishida, Hajime Cranial thickness of modern and Neolithic populations in Japan Human Biology [Ishida, 1990 #35401]
Journal Article 1998 King, Christopher A. Metric and comparative analysis of sexual dimorphism in the Thai femur Journal of Forensic Sciences [King, 1998 #35398]
Journal Article 1974 Pietrusewsky, Michael Neolithic populations of Southeast Asia studied by multivariate craniometric analysis HOMO [Pietrusewsky, 1974 #35393]
Journal Article 1988 Pietrusewsky, Michael Multivariate comparisons of recently excavated Neolithic human crania from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam International Journal of Anthropology [Pietrusewsky, 1988 #35391]
Journal Article 1985 Sangvichien, S. J. Estimation of stature of Thai and Chinese from the length of the femur, tibia and fibula Siriraj Hospital Gazette [Sangvichien, 1985 #35363]
Book Section in a Series 1995 Pietrusewsky, Michael Taiwan aboriginals, Asians, and Pacific Islanders: a multivariate investigation of skulls Austronesian studies relating to Taiwan [Pietrusewsky, 1995 #26152]
Book 1997 King, Christopher A. Osteometric Assessment of 20th Century Skeletons from Thailand and Hong Hong [King, 1997 #21306]