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Ref ID: 21306
Ref Type: Book
Authors: King, Christopher A.
Title: Osteometric Assessment of 20th Century Skeletons from Thailand and Hong Hong
Date: 1997
Place of Publication: Parkland, FL
Abstract: Cranial and postcranial research on East and Southeast Asians has shown population variability between and within these two regions. Moreover, as populations vary by sex, sex differences vary by population. The purpose of this study is to provide the first descriptive and comparative analysis of two recently curated samples of complete, documented, contemporary skeletons from Thailand (N=104) and Hong Kong (N=94) that have not been previously studied. Sex differences reveal Hong Kong males and females as larger but less dimorphic than Thais. Stepwise discriminant function analysis of the Thai humerus and femur allowed 94%-96% sex classification accuracy. In conclusion, this research has increased our knowledge of sex and population differences in Asia and has important applications to demographic and medicolegal investigations.
Identifier: 1-58112-011-7
Date Created: 2/18/2001