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Journal Article 2023 Wolf, Annabel Deciphering local and regional hydroclimate resolves contradicting evidence on the Asian monsoon evolution Nature Communications [Wolf, 2023 #37231]
Journal Article 2022 Perttola, Wesa Digital navigator on the Seas of the Selden map of China: Sequential least-cost path analysis using dynamic wind data Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory [Perttola, 2022 #37103]
Journal Article 2019 Tripathi, Swati Floristic and climatic reconstruction in the Indo-Burma region for the last 13,000 cal. yr: a palynological interpretation from the endangered wetlands of Assam, northeast India The Holocene [Tripathi, 2019 #19007]
Journal Article 2019 Wang, Jessica K. Hydroclimatic variability in Southeast Asia over the past two millennia Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Wang, 2019 #18939]
Journal Article 2019 Sun, Weiwei Holocene based on stable isotope evidence from Lake Chenghai, southwest China Quaternary Science Reviews [Sun, 2019 #18937]
Journal Article 2010 Cai, Yanjun The variation of summer monsoon precipitation in central China since the last deglaciation Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Cai, 2010 #26615]
Journal Article 2017 Vannieuwenhuyse, Dorcas Settling in Sahul: Investigating environmental and human history interactions through micromorphological analyses in tropical semi-arid north-west Australia Journal of Archaeological Science [Vannieuwenhuyse, 2017 #26630]
Journal Article 2019 Yin, Jian-Jun Rainfall variability and vegetation recovery in rocky desertification areas recorded in recently-deposited stalagmites from Guilin, South China Quaternary International [Yin, 2019 #26688]
Journal Article 2018 Zhou, Jing-Li A tentative study of the relationship between annual δ18O & δD variations of precipitation and atmospheric circulations—a case from Southwest China Quaternary International [Zhou, 2018 #26684]
Journal Article 2018 Chabangborn, Akkaneewut Climate in Sundaland and Asian monsoon variability during the last deglaciation Quaternary International [Chabangborn, 2018 #26683]
Journal Article 2018 Cai, Qiufang Tree-ring δ18O, a tool to crack the paleo-hydroclimatic code in subtropical China Quaternary International [Cai, 2018 #26682]
Journal Article 2018 Li, Jingrui Clay minerals and Sr-Nd isotopic composition of the Bay of Bengal sediments: implications for sediment provenance and climate control since 40 ka Quaternary International [Li, 2018 #26693]
Journal Article 2018 Li, Ziye Evidence of solar insolation and internal forcing of sea surface temperature changes in the eastern tropical Indian Ocean during the Holocene Quaternary International [Li, 2018 #26692]
Journal Article 2018 Ma, Ting Holocene fire and forest histories in relation to climate change and agriculture development in southeastern China Quaternary International [Ma, 2018 #26746]
Journal Article 2013 Chawchai, S. Lake Kumphawapi – an archive of Holocene palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic changes in northeast Thailand Quaternary Science Reviews [Chawchai, 2013 #27005]
Journal Article 2016 Wohlfarth, Barbara Human adaptation to mid- to late-Holocene climate change in northeast Thailand The Holocene [Wohlfarth, 2016 #27001]
Journal Article 2017 Dawei Li, The stable isotope record in cervid tooth enamel from Tantang Cave, Guangxi: implications for the Quaternary East Asian monsoon Quaternary International [Dawei 2017 #27352]
Journal Article 2016 Wei Huang, Multi-scale Holocene Asian monsoon variability deduced from a twin-stalagmite record in southwestern China Quaternary Research [Wei 2016 #27626]
Journal Article 2015 Chawchai, Sakonvan Hydroclimatic shifts in northeast Thailand during the last two millennia — the record of Lake Pa Kho Quaternary Science Reviews [Chawchai, 2015 #28046]
Journal Article 2015 Guodong Jia, Biogeochemical evidence of Holocene East Asian summer and winter monsoon variability from a tropical maar lake in southern China Quaternary Science Reviews [Guodong 2015 #28045]
Journal Article 2005 Yongjin Wang, The Holocene Asian monsoon: links to solar changes and North Atlantic climate Science [Yongjin 2005 #28048]
Journal Article 2008 Maher, B. A. Holocene variability of the East Asian summer monsoon from Chinese cave records: a re-assessment Holocene [Maher, 2008 #28049]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Yasuda, Yoshinori Climate deterioration and Angkor's demise Water civilization: from Yangtze to Khmer civilizations [Yasuda, 2013 #25469]
Book 2012 Vajrācārya, Gautamavajra Frog hymns and rain babies: monsoon culture and the art of ancient South Asia [Vajrācārya, 2012 #20035]
Journal Article 2003 Beaufort, L. Biomass burning and oceanic primary production estimates in the Sulu Sea area over the last 380 kyr and the East Asian monsoon dynamics Marine Geology [Beaufort, 2003 #28535]
Journal Article 2004 Yuan, Daoxian Timing, duration, and transitions of the last interglacial Asian monsoon Science [Yuan, 2004 #28576]
Journal Article 2001 Zhou, Weijian Climate changes in northern China since the late Pleistocene and its response to global change Quaternary International [Zhou, 2001 #28573]
Journal Article 2008 Stephens, Mark Shell-gathering from mangroves and the seasonality of the Southeast Asian monsoon using high-resolution stable isotopic analysis of the tropical estuarine bivalve (<i>Geloina erosa</i>) from the great cave of Niah, Sarawak: methods and reconnaissance Journal of Archaeological Science [Stephens, 2008 #28581]
Journal Article 2001 Wang, Y. J. A high-resolution absolute-dated Late Pleistocene monsoon record from Hulu Cave, China Science [Wang, 2001 #28579]
Journal Article 2006 Liew, P. M. Holocene thermal optimal and climate variability of East Asian monsoon inferred from forest reconstruction of a subalpine pollen sequence, Taiwan Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Liew, 2006 #28588]