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Journal Article 2020 Deng, Zhenhua Validating earliest rice farming in the Indonesian Archipelago Scientific Reports [Deng, 2020 #36676]
Journal Article 2020 Field, J. H. Functional studies of flaked and ground stone artefacts reveal starchy tree nut and root exploitation in mid-Holocene highland New Guinea The Holocene [Field, 2020 #36654]
Journal Article 2017 Kanthilatha, Nelum Implications of phytolith and diatom assemblages in the cultural layers of prehistoric archaeological sites of Ban Non Wat and Nong Hua Raet in Northeast Thailand Environmental Archaeology [Kanthilatha, 2017 #26854]
Journal Article 2015 Yankowski, Andrea Please pass the salt: an ethnoarchaeological study of salt and salt fermented fish production, use and trade in northeast Thailand Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Yankowski, 2015 #26956]
Journal Article 2015 Kwak, Seungki What did they cook?: A preliminary investigation into culinary practices and pottery use in the central part of the Korean peninsula during the mid to late Holocene Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Kwak, 2015 #26955]
Journal Article 1978 Eder, James F. The caloric returns to food collecting: disruption and change among the Batak of the Philippine tropical forest Human Ecology [Eder, 1978 #28507]
Journal Article 2005 Lefferts, Leedom Sticky rice, fermented fish, and the course of a kingdom: the politics of food in northeast Thailand Asian Studies Review [Lefferts, 2005 #28610]
Journal Article 1997 Bradley, David What did they eat? Grain crops of the Burmic groups Mon-Khmer Studies Journal [Bradley, 1997 #28629]
Journal Article 2009 McGovern, Patrick E. Ancient Egyptian herbal wines PNAS [McGovern, 2009 #28764]
Book 1991 Simoons, Frederick J. Food in China: a cultural and historical inquiry [Simoons, 1991 #20178]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1993 Shaw, Thurstan The archaeology of Africa: food, metals and towns [Shaw, 1993 #22043]
Book Section 1992 Sarianidi, V. Food-producing and other Neolithic communities in Khorasan and Transoxiana: eastern Iran, Soviet Central Asia and Afghanistan History of civilizations of Central Asia [Sarianidi, 1992 #23415]
Book Section 1992 Sharif, M. Food-processing communities in Pakistan and northern India History of civilizations of Central Asia [Sharif, 1992 #23414]
Journal Article 1992 Rumalatu, Frederick Sago in Malauku: past, present, and future prospects Cakalele: Journal of Maluku Studies [Rumalatu, 1992 #28918]
Book in a Series 1984 Bray, Francesca Biology and biological technology: agriculture [Bray, 1984 #21764]
Journal Article 2002 Mintz, Sidney W. The Anthropology of food and eating Annual Review of Anthropology [Mintz, 2002 #30093]
Book 1953 Jensen, Lloyd Bryan Man's foods, nutrition and environments in food gathering times and food producing times [Jensen, 1953 #20822]
Journal Article 2005 McGovern, Patrick E. Chemical identification and cultural implications of a mixed fermented beverage from Late Prehistoric China Asian Perspectives (2005) [McGovern, 2005 #30365]
Journal Article 2001 Paz, Victor Cut not smashed: a new type of evidence for nut exploitation from Sulawesi Antiquity [Paz, 2001 #34298]
Book Section 1988 Hastorf, Christine A. The use of paleoethnobotanical data in prehistoric studies of crop production, processing, and consumption Current paleoethnobotany: analytical methods and cultural interpretations of archaeological plant remains [Hastorf, 1988 #24609]
Journal Article 1991 Araho, Nick Mortars and their possible past use in processing traditional foods in the Hunjara area, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Araho, 1991 #35590]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Stahl, Ann B. Plant-food processing: implications for dietary quality Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [Stahl, 1989 #26291]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Smith, M. A. Seed gathering in inland Australia: current evidence from seed-grinders on the antiquity of the ethnohistorical pattern of exploitation Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [Smith, 1989 #26287]
Journal Article 1986 Padoch, Christine Agricultural site selection among permanent field farmers: an example from East Kalimantan, Indonesia Journal of Ethnobiology [Padoch, 1986 #35851]
Book Section in a Series 1984 Welch, David J. Settlement pattern as an indicator of subsistence and political organization in the Phimai region, Thailand Southeast Asian Archaeology at the XV Pacific Science Congress: The Origins of Agriculture, Metallurgy, and the State in Mainland Southeast Asia [Welch, 1984 #26346]
Book Section 1974 Chang, Kwang-chih Ancient farmers in the Asian tropics: major problems for archaeological and palaeoenvironmental investigations of Southeast Asia at the earliest Neolithic level Perspectives in palaeoanthropology: Professor D. Sen Festschrift [Chang, 1974 #25106]
Book in a Series 1987 Takaya, Yoshikazu Agricultural development of a tropical delta: a study of the Chao Phraya Delta [Takaya, 1987 #21986]
Book 1986 Bray, Francesca The rice economies [Bray, 1986 #21293]
Book 1963 Nuttonson, Michael Y. The physical environment and agriculture of Thailand: a study based on field survey data and on pertinent records, material, and reports [Nuttonson, 1963 #21290]
Book 1964 Montrakun, Sarot Agriculture and soils of Thailand [Montrakun, 1964 #21289]