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Journal Article 2011 Singh, Sarinda Bureaucratic migrants and the potential of prosperity in upland Laos Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Singh, 2011 #28662]
Book 1998 Vickery, Michael Society, economics, and politics in pre-Angkor Cambodia: the 7th and 8th centuries [Vickery, 1998 #20127]
Journal Article 1998 Christie, Jan Wisseman Javanese markets and the Asian sea trade boom of the tenth to thirteenth centuries A.D. Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient [Christie, 1998 #29250]
Book in a Series 1992 Kirch, P. V. The archaeology of history [Kirch, 1992 #21727]
Thesis 1951 Mahalingam, T. V. Economic life in the Vijayanagar empire [Mahalingam, 1951 #36377]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Kotani, Yoshinobu Economic bases during the later Jomon periods in Kyushu, Japan: a reconsideration. [Kotani, 1972 #36491]
Book Section in a Series 1982 Alden, John R. Marketplace exchange as indirect distribution: an Iranian example Contexts for prehistoric exchange [Alden, 1982 #25819]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1977 Earle, Timothy K. Exchange systems in prehistory [Earle, 1977 #22070]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1982 Ericson, Jonathon E. Contexts for prehistoric exchange [Ericson, 1982 #22069]
Book 1972 Sahlins, Marshall Stone age economics [Sahlins, 1972 #20666]
Book Section in a Series 1966 Benedict, Burton Sociological characteristics of small territories and their implications for economic development The social anthropology of complex societies [Benedict, 1966 #25826]
Book 1995 Brocheux, Pierre The Mekong Delta: ecology, economy, and revolution, 1960-1960 [Brocheux, 1995 #20728]
Journal Article 2006 O'Reilly, Dougald J. W. Archaeology and archaeozoology of Phum Snay: a late prehistoric cemetery in northwestern Cambodia Asian Perspectives (2006) [O'Reilly, 2006 #30206]
Book Section 2006 Bulbeck, David Economic and technological change during the middle and late Holocene in the Lamoncong Highlands, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Uncovering Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 10th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Bulbeck, 2006 #24036]
Book (Edited) 1991 Earle, Timothy Chiefdoms: power, economy, and ideology [Earle, 1991 #21552]
Book 1962 Stamp, L. Dudley Asia: a regional and economic geography [Stamp, 1962 #20816]
Book in a Series 1989 Russell, Susan Diana Ritual, power, and economy: upland-lowland contrasts in mainland Southeast Asia [Russell, 1989 #21795]
Book in a Series 1963 Pospisil, Leopold J. Kapauku Papuan economy [Pospisil, 1963 #21798]
Thesis-PhD 1939 Melin, Pierre L'endettement agraire et la liquidation des dettes agricoles en Cochinchine [Melin, 1939 #36540]
Journal Article 1947 Miller, E. Willard Industrial Resources of Indochina Far Eastern Quarterly [Miller, 1947 #30377]
Journal Article 1969 Mulder, J. A. N. Merit Social Compass [Mulder, 1969 #30376]
Journal Article 1955 Moréchand, Guy Caractères économiques et sociaux d'une région de pêche maritime du Centre Viêtnam (Nha-trang) Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Moréchand, 1955 #32162]
Book in a Series 1961 Halpern, Joel Martin Rural and urban economies [Halpern, 1961 #21879]
Journal Article 1975 Pearson, Richard Prehistoric subsistence and economy in Korea: an initial sketch Asian Perspectives (1974) [Pearson, 1975 #33194]
Book 2000 Aymonier, Étienne Isan Travels: northeast Thailand's economy in 1883-1884 [Aymonier, 2000 #21065]
Journal Article 1973 Foster, Brian L. Ethnic identity of the Mons in Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Foster, 1973 #34216]
Journal Article 1992 Florentino, Rodolfo F. Nutrition and socio-economic development in Southeast Asia Proceedings of the Nutrition Society [Florentino, 1992 #34711]
Journal Article 1983 Loofs-Wissowa, H. H. E. The development and spread of metallurgy in Southeast Asia: a review of present evidence Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Loofs-Wissowa, 1983 #34601]
Journal Article 1991 McNeill, Judith R. Regional and interregional interaction on the Khorat Plateau Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [McNeill, 1991 #34591]
Book Section 1990 Ellen, Roy F. Trade, environment, and the reproduction of local systems in the Moluccas The ecosystem approach in anthropology: from concept to practice [Ellen, 1990 #24660]