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Book in a Series 1935 Steenis, C. G. G. J. van On the origin of the Malaysian mountain flora [Steenis, 1935 #21779]
Journal Article 1946 Dobby, Ernest Henry George Some aspects of the human ecology of South-East Asia Geographical Journal [Dobby, 1946 #27901]
Journal Article 1952 Matsuo, Takane Genetic and ecological studies on cultivated rice Bulletin of the National Institute of Agricultural Science, Japan [Matsuo, 1952 #29290]
Book 1962 Pendleton, R. L. Thailand, aspects of landscape and life [Pendleton, 1962 #21131]
Journal Article 1962 Baker, Paul T. The application of ecological theory in anthropology American Anthropologist [Baker, 1962 #34797]
Journal Article 1964 Coe, Michael D. Microenvironments and Mesoamerican Prehistory Science Magazine [Coe, 1964 #28853]
Journal Article 1964 Lin, C. C. Geology and ecology of Taiwan prehistory Asian Perspectives (1963) [Lin, 1964 #33495]
Book Section 1965 Matson, F. Ceramic ecology: an approach to the study of the early cultures of the Near East Ceramics and man [Matson, 1965 #23492]
Journal Article 1965 Yengoyan, Aram A. Aspects of ecological succession among Mandaya populations in eastern Davao Province, Philippines Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters [Yengoyan, 1965 #33952]
Journal Article 1966 Yengoyan, Aram A. Ecological analysis and traditional agriculture Comparative Studies in Society and History [Yengoyan, 1966 #35262]
Book 1967 Dobby, Earnest Henry George Southeast Asia [Dobby, 1967 #21119]
Book 1967 Holdridge, L. R. Life zone ecology [Holdridge, 1967 #21125]
Journal Article 1969 Takaya, Y. Topographical analysis of the southern basin of the Central Plain, Thailand Tonan Ajia Kenkyu [Takaya, 1969 #34480]
Book Section 1975 Jacob, Teuku Morphology and paleoecology of early man in Java Paleoanthropology: morphology and paleoecology [Jacob, 1975 #24777]
Book Section 1975 Whyte, R. O. The genetic resources in Asian ecosystems containing perennial species of the gramineae and the leguminosae Southeast Asian plant genetic resources [Whyte, 1975 #24782]
Journal Article 1975 Arnold, Dean E. Ceramic ecology of the Ayacucho Basin, Peru: implications for prehistory Current Anthropology [Arnold, 1975 #28983]
Thesis-PhD 1975 Kirch, Patrick V. Cultural adaptation and ecology in western Polynesia: an ethnoarchaeological study [Kirch, 1975 #36621]
Book 1976 Goody, J. Production and reproduction [Goody, 1976 #21134]
Journal Article 1976 Hoyme, L. E. S. Ecology of dental disease American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Hoyme, 1976 #34660]
Journal Article 1976 Winzeler, Robert L. Ecology, culture, social organization, and state formation in Southeast Asia Current Anthropology [Winzeler, 1976 #35522]
Book Section in a Series 1977 Peterson, Jean Treloggen Ecotones and exchange in northern Luzon Economic exchange and social interaction in Southeast Asia: perspectives from prehistory, history and ethnography [Peterson, 1977 #26162]
Book Section 1978 Pelzer, Karl J. Swidden cultivation in Southeast Asia: historical, ecological, and economic perspectives Farmers in the forest: economic development and marginal agriculture in northern Thailand [Pelzer, 1978 #24951]
Book Section 1978 Keen, F. G. B. Ecological relationships in a Hmong (Meo) economy Farmers in the forest: economic development and marginal agriculture in northern Thailand [Keen, 1978 #24955]
Book Section 1978 Sabhasri, Sanga Opium culture in northern Thailand: social and ecological dilemmas Farmers in the forest: economic development and marginal agriculture in northern Thailand [Sabhasri, 1978 #24956]
Book Section in a Series 1978 Jacob, J. M. The ecology of Angkor: evidence from the Khmer inscriptions Nature and man in South East Asia [Jacob, 1978 #26315]
Book Section in a Series 1979 Jochim, Michael A. Breaking down the system: recent ecological approaches in archaeology Advances in archaeological method and theory [Jochim, 1979 #25599]
Book Section in a Series 1980 Hardesty, Donald L. The use of general ecological principles in archaeology Advances in archaeological method and theory [Hardesty, 1980 #26100]
Journal Article 1980 Pearson, Richard Excavations on Kume and Iriomote, Ryukyu Islands Asian Perspectives (1978) [Pearson, 1980 #33120]
Journal Article 1981 Dewar, Robert Ecological context and the prehistory of the West Central Taiwan coast Asian Perspectives (1978) [Dewar, 1981 #33111]
Book 1982 Moran, Emilio F. Human adaptability: an introduction to ecological anthropology [Moran, 1982 #21129]