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Journal Article 2022 Pryce, T.O. A late 2nd/early 1st millennium BC interaction arc between Mainland Southeast Asia and Southwest China: Archaeometallurgical data from Hebosuo and Shangxihe, Yunnan Journal of Archaeological Science [Pryce, 2022 #37007]
Journal Article 2020 Higham, Thomas F. G. A new chronology for a prehistoric copper production centre in Central Thailand using kernel density estimates Antiquity [Higham, 2020 #37262]
Journal Article 2020 Higham, Thomas F. G. A prehistoric copper-production centre in central Thailand: its dating and wider implications Antiquity [Higham, 2020 #36772]
Book Section 2006 Pigott, Vincent C. A program of analysis of organic remains from prehistoric copper-producing settlements in the Khao Wong Prachan Valley, Central Thailand: a progress report Uncovering Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 10th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Pigott, 2006 #24056]
Journal Article 2022 Venunan, Pi A royal wreck? Morpho-technological, elemental and lead isotope analysis of ingots from the Bang Kachai II shipwreck, Thailand Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Venunan, 2022 #37082]
Journal Article 1986 Wagner, Donald B., ed. Ancient Chinese copper smelting, sixth century BC: recent excavations and simulation experiments Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society [Wagner, 1986 #29677]
Journal Article 2014 Tucci, Antonino Ancient copper mining in Laos: heterarchies, incipient states or post-state anarchists? Journal of Anthropology and Archaeology [Tucci, 2014 #28025]
Journal Article 1982 Gale, Noël H. Bronze age copper sources in the Mediterranean: a new approach Science [Gale, 1982 #26602]
Journal Article 2015 Liu, Ruiliang Chemical analysis of ancient Chinese copper-based objects: past, present and future Archaeological Research in Asia [Liu, 2015 #27009]
Journal Article 1938 Morris, T. O. Copper and bronze antiquities from Burma Journal of the Burma Research Society [Morris, 1938 #29198]
BAR Book 2000 Mei, Jianjun Copper and bronze metallurgy in late prehistoric Xinjiang: its cultural context and relationship with neighboring regions [Mei, 2000 #19637]
Thesis 1988 Bennett, Anne Copper metallurgy in central Thailand Institute of Archaeology [Bennett, 1988 #36391]
Journal Article Chattopadhyay, Pranab K. Copper objects from Dihor: archaeotechnical studies Puratattva [Chattopadhyay, #34401]
Journal Article 1969 Bhardwaj, H. C. Copper red glasses through the ages Puratattva [Bhardwaj, 1969 #29943]
Book Section 2014 Ehrhardt, Kathleen L. Copper working technologies, contexts of use, and social complexity in the eastern woodlands of native North America Archaeometallurgy in global perspective: methods and syntheses [Ehrhardt, 2014 #22766]
Journal Article 2017 Pryce, T. O. Copper-base metallurgy in late Iron Age Cambodia: evidence from Lovea Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Pryce, 2017 #26993]
Journal Article 2018 Pryce, T. O. Copper-base metallurgy in metal-age Bali: evidence from Gilimanuk, Manikliyu, Pacung, Pangkung Paruk and Sembiran Archaeometry [Pryce, 2018 #26761]
Book in a Series 1960 Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, United Nations Copper, lead, and zinc ore resources of Asia and the Far East [Economic 1960 #21713]
Journal Article 1997 Glen-Haduch, Elzbieta Cribra orbitalia and trace element content in human teeth from Neolithic and Early Bronze Age graves in southern Poland American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Glen-Haduch, 1997 #34703]
Thesis-PhD 1993 Epstein, Stephen M. Cultural choice and technological consequences: constraint of innovation in the late prehistoric copper smelting industry of Cerro Huaringa, Peru [Epstein, 1993 #36500]
Journal Article 1986 Schneider, K. N. Dental caries, enamel composition, and subsistence among prehistoric Amerindians of Ohio American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Schneider, 1986 #34531]
Book in a Series 1973 Yamniyom, Sutham Detailed geochemical investigation on the copper resource of Phu Lon [Yamniyom, 1973 #21743]
Journal Article 2009 Roberts, Benjamin W. Development of metallurgy in Eurasia Antiquity [Roberts, 2009 #28669]
Journal Article 2002 Pike, Alistair W. G. Diagenetic arsenic uptake in archaeological bone. Can we really identify copper smelters? Journal of Archaeological Science [Pike, 2002 #31832]
Book Section 2015 Anfinset, Nils Documenting copper mining and smelting technology Metals and civilizations [Anfinset, 2015 #22384]
Journal Article 2009 Dodson, J. Early bronze in two Holocene archaeological sites in Gansu, NW China Quaternary Research [Dodson, 2009 #29048]
Book Section 2014 Gullapalli, Praveena Early metal in South India: copper and iron in megalithic contexts Archaeometallurgy in global perspective: methods and syntheses [Gullapalli, 2014 #22754]
Journal Article 2017 Chen, Kunlong Evidence of arsenical copper smelting in Bronze Age China: a study of metallurgical slag from the Laoniupo site, central Shaanxi Journal of Archaeological Science [Chen, 2017 #26830]
Book Section in a Series 1951 Voce, E. Examination of specimens from the Pitt Rivers Museum Notes on the prehistoric metallurgy of copper and bronze in the Old World [Voce, 1951 #25756]
Book 2002 Davenport, W. G. Extractive metallurgy of copper [Davenport, 2002 #20068]