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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Electronic Source 2015 Conrad, Cyler Archaeological databases for Spirit Cave, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand [Conrad, 2015 #26586]
Journal Article 2016 Conrad, Cyler Palaeoecology and forager subsistence strategies during the PleistoceneĀ–Holocene transition: a reinvestigation of the zooarchaeological assemblage from Spirit Cave, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand Asian Perspectives [Conrad, 2016 #27587]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Shoocongdej, Rasmi Hoabinhian Encyclopedia of prehistory: East Asia and Oceania [Shoocongdej, 2001 #25918]
Journal Article 2003 Lampert, Cynthia. D. Dating resin coating on pottery: the Spirit Cave early ceramic dates revised Antiquity [Lampert, 2003 #31056]
Journal Article 2004 White, Joyce C. Comment on dates from a resin-coated sherd from Spirit Cave, Thailand Antiquity [White, 2004 #31173]
Book Section 2003 Lampert, Cynthia Resinous residues on prehistoric pottery from Southeast Asia: characterisation and radiocarbon dating Fishbones and glittering emblems: Southeast Asian archaeology 2002 [Lampert, 2003 #24338]
Journal Article 1972 Gorman, Chester F. Excavations at Spirit Cave, north Thailand: some interim interpretations Asian Perspectives (1970) [Gorman, 1972 #32625]
Journal Article 1969 Gorman, Chester Francis Hoabinhian: a pebble-tool complex with early plant associations in Southeast Asia Science [Gorman, 1969 #35869]
Book Section 1977 Yen, Douglas E. Hoabinhian horticulture? The evidence and the questions from northwest Thailand Sunda and Sahul: prehistoric studies in Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Australia [Yen, 1977 #25170]
Book Section 1977 Higham, Charles F. W. Economic change in prehistoric Thailand Origins of agriculture [Higham, 1977 #25155]