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Conference Proceeding 2005 Linguistics, archaeology and human past in South Asia 7th Harvard Roundtable on Ethnogenesis of South and Central Asia [ 2005 #26541]
Book Section 1990 Sharma, T. C. Discovery of Hoabinian cultural relics in north-east India Adaptation and Other Essays: Proceedings of the Archaeological Conference, 1988 [Sharma, 1990 #24786]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Sinha, Ishani Changing concepts of Buddhist stupa architecture with special reference to recent excavations in east India Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2019: selected papers from the Third SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand 2019 [Sinha, 2020 #36949]
Journal Article 1967 Lamberg-Karlovsky, C. C. Archaeology and metallurgical technology in prehistoric Afghanistan American Anthropologist [Lamberg-Karlovsky, 1967 #29399]
Journal Article 1988 Sinopoli, Carla M. The organization of craft production at Vijayanagara, South India American Anthropologist [Sinopoli, 1988 #35938]
Journal Article 1994 Lovell, N. C. Spinal arthritis and physical stress at bronze age Harrapa American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Lovell, 1994 #35397]
Journal Article 1951 Hooijer, Dirk Albert A note on the Plio-Pleistocene boundary in the Siwal'ik series of India and in Java American Journal of Science [Hooijer, 1951 #35178]
Journal Article 2018 Kingwell-Banham, Eleanor Archaeobotanical investigations into Golbai Sasan and Gopalpur, two Neolithic-Chalcolithic settlements of Odisha Ancient Asia [Kingwell-Banham, 2018 #36837]
Journal Article 1953 Srinivasen, K. R. Survey of south Indian megaliths Ancient India [Srinivasen, 1953 #31387]
Journal Article 1958 Lal, B. B. Birbhanpur, a microlithic site in the Damodar Valley Ancient India [Lal, 1958 #31630]
Book Section 1996 Prematilleke, Leelananda Ancient monastic hospital system in Sri Lanka Ancient trades and cultural contacts in Southeast Asia [Prematilleke, 1996 #24891]
Journal Article 2004 Cowgill, George L. Origins and development of urbanism: archaeological perspectives Annual Review of Anthropology [Cowgill, 2004 #28019]
Journal Article 1994 Sinopoli, Carla M. The archaeology of empires Annual Review of Anthropology [Sinopoli, 1994 #28075]
Journal Article 1990 Possehl, Gregory Revolution in the urban revolution: the emergence of Indus urbanization Annual Review of Anthropology [Possehl, 1990 #28932]
Journal Article 1979 Jacobson, Jerome Recent developments in South Asian prehistory and protohistory Annual Review of Anthropology [Jacobson, 1979 #29515]
Book Section in a Series 1982 Ranere, A. J. Human occupation in Northwest Pakistan during the late Pleistocene Anthropology in Pakistan [Ranere, 1982 #25592]
Journal Article 2013 Biggs, Lynn Prehistoric iron production technologies in the Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula: metallography and slag inclusion analyses of iron artefacts from Khao Sam Kaeo and Phu Khao Thong Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Biggs, 2013 #28200]
Book Section 2002 Fuller, Dorian Q. Beyond description and diffusion: a history of processual theory in the archaeology of South Asia Archaeology and historiography: history, theory and method [Fuller, 2002 #22342]
Book Section 2014 Gullapalli, Praveena Early metal in South India: copper and iron in megalithic contexts Archaeometallurgy in global perspective: methods and syntheses [Gullapalli, 2014 #22754]
Book Section 1975 Murty, M. L. K. Late Pleistocene fauna of Kurnool Caves, South India Archaeozoological studies : papers of the Archaeozoological Conference 1974, held at the Biologisch-Archaeologisch Instituut of the State University of Groningen [Murty, 1975 #23507]
Journal Article 2019 Glover, Lauren Overlooked imports: carnelian beads in the Korean Peninsula Asian Perspectives [Glover, 2019 #26655]
Journal Article 2017 Basak, Bishnupriya Earliest dates of microlithic industries (42-25 ka) from West Bengal, Eastern India: new light on modern human occupation in the Indian subcontinent Asian Perspectives [Basak, 2017 #26926]
Journal Article 1957 Chard, Chester S. Regional reports Asian Perspectives [Chard, 1957 #28706]
Journal Article 1960 Chard, Chester S. Regional reports Asian Perspectives (1958) [Chard, 1960 #28704]
Journal Article 1966 Dani, A. H. A new grave complex in west Pakistan Asian Perspectives (1964) [Dani, 1966 #33450]
Journal Article 1970 Dani, Ahmad Hasan Gandhara grave complex in West Pakistan Asian Perspectives (1968) [Dani, 1970 #33412]
Journal Article 1973 Johnson, Elden Notes on a Palaeolithic site survey in Pakistan Asian Perspectives (1972) [Johnson, 1973 #33274]
Journal Article 1983 Ray, Ranjana Type-classes of the blade-bladelet element in India Asian Perspectives (1980) [Ray, 1983 #33088]
Journal Article 1990 Salahuddin, On the archaeological association of the fossil hominid from Hathnora, Madhya Pradesh, India Asian Perspectives (1986-1987) [Salahuddin, 1990 #32983]
Journal Article 1990 Huntington, Susan L. Review of "Encyclopaedia of Indian culture, Volume III (L-Q)" by R. N. Saletore Asian Perspectives (1986-1987) [Huntington, 1990 #32994]