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Thesis-PhD 1997 Takamiya, Hiroto Subsistence adaptation processes in the prehistory of Okinawa [Takamiya, 1997 #36616]
Thesis-PhD D'Andrea, Catherine A. Palaeoethnobotany of Later Jomon and Early Yayoi cultures in northeastern Japan: northeastern Aomori and southwestern Hokkaido [D'Andrea, #36503]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Kotani, Yoshinobu Economic bases during the later Jomon periods in Kyushu, Japan: a reconsideration. [Kotani, 1972 #36491]
Book in a Series 2013 Richey, Jeffery L. Confucius in East Asia: Confucianism's history in China, Korea, Japan, Viet Nam [Richey, 2013 #21681]
Book 1982 Aikens, C. Melvin Prehistory of Japan [Aikens, 1982 #20788]
Book 1983 Barnes, Gina Lee China, Korea, and Japan: the rise of civilization in East Asia [Barnes, 1983 #20760]
Book 1973 Blair, D. A history of glass in Japan [Blair, 1973 #20744]
Book 1935 Caron, François A true description of the mighty kingdoms of Japan & Siam [Caron, 1935 #20732]
Book 1999 Hudson, M. Ruins of identity: ethnogenesis in the Japanese Islands [Hudson, 1999 #20505]
Book 1906 Kaempfer, Englebert The history of Japan, together with a description of the kingdom of Siam, 1690-92 [Kaempfer, 1906 #20473]
Book 1994 Kenrick, D. M. Jomon of Japan: world's oldest pottery [Kenrick, 1994 #20467]
Book 1813 Milburn, William Oriental commerce [Milburn, 1813 #20369]
Book 1977 Minato, Masao Japan and its nature [Minato, 1977 #20367]
Book 1979 Cort, Louise Allison Shigaraki, potters' valley [Cort, 1979 #20270]
Book 2010 Kyushu Kinsei Toji Gakkai Sekai ni yushutsusareta hizen toji: kyushu kinsei toji gakkai nijisshunen kinen [Kyushu 2010 #20264]
Book 1986 Pearson, Richard J. Windows on the Japanese past: studies in archaeology and prehistory [Pearson, 1986 #20256]
Book 1963 Trewartha, Glenn Thomas Japan: a physical, cultural and regional geography [Trewartha, 1963 #20137]
Book 2011 Parreñas, Rhacel Salazar Illicit flirtations: labor, migration, and sex trafficking in Tokyo [Parreñas, 2011 #20028]
Book 1986 Rouse, Irving Migrations in prehistory: inferring population movement from cultural remains [Rouse, 1986 #19980]
BAR Book 1993 Barnes, Gina L. The Miwa project: surveys, coring and excavation at the Miwa site, Nara, Japan [Barnes, 1993 #19634]
Journal Article 1987 Wang, Linghong Racial relationship between Chinese and Japanese: a statistical study of cranial measurements 人类学学报 (Act Anthropologica Sinica) [Wang, 1987 #34443]
Journal Article 1984 Rowley-Conwy, Peter Postglacial foraging and early farming economies in Japan and Korea: a West European perspective World Archaeology [Rowley-Conwy, 1984 #28883]
Book Section 1986 Tsukada, Matsuo Vegetation in prehistoric Japan: the last 20,000 years Windows on the Japanese past [Tsukada, 1986 #23327]
Book Section 2010 Kersten, Carool Lan Xang, Cambodia, Japan and the Dutch in the seventeenth century: the geographical and historical context of a tumultuous era Van Wuysthoff and the Lan Xang Kingdom: a Dutch Merchant's Visit to Laos in 1641 [Kersten, 2010 #22166]
Book Section 1992 Crawford, G. W. The transitions to agriculture in Japan Transitions to agriculture in prehistory [Crawford, 1992 #23867]
Journal Article 1991 Morimura, Kenichi Ceramics of South East Asia found in Kinai area and its vicinity: adoption of trade ceramics when new governments were established Trade Ceramics Studies [Morimura, 1991 #28067]
Journal Article 2002 Bleed, Peter Cheap, Regular, and Reliable: Implications of Design Variation in Late Pleistocene Japanese Microblade Technology Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization [Bleed, 2002 #19031]
Book Section 2002 Mori, Yuichi The origin and development of rice paddy cultivation in Japan based on evidence from insect and diatom fossils The origins of pottery and agriculture [Mori, 2002 #24429]
Book Section 2002 Terasawa, Kaoru Commentary on the productive capacity of early Japanese rice farming The origins of pottery and agriculture [Terasawa, 2002 #24428]
Book Section 2002 Kuraku, Yoshiyuki The origin and development of rice cultivation in Japan The origins of pottery and agriculture [Kuraku, 2002 #24427]