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Book Section 2012 Toyoyama, Aki Asian orientalism: perceptions of Buddhist heritage in Japan Routledge handbook of heritage in Asia [Toyoyama, 2012 #22928]
Journal Article 2011 Whitman, John Northeast Asian linguistic ecology and the advent of rice agriculture in Korea and Japan Rice [Whitman, 2011 #28425]
Journal Article 2010 Aikens, C. Melvin Environment, ecology, and interaction in Japan, Korea, and the Russian far east: the millennial history of a Japan Sea Oikumene Asian Perspectives (2009) [Aikens, 2010 #28459]
Book Section 1978 Oba, N. Geological environments of granitic rocks in the outer zone of southwest Japan Proceedings of the Third Regional Conference on Geology and Mineral Resources of Southeast Asia [Oba, 1978 #23075]
Book Section 1983 Wongsomsak, S. Geomorphology and soil of the Buri Rum Province - as view of some field studies in Japan Proceedings of the First Symposium on Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology of Thailand, 28-29 October 1983 [Wongsomsak, 1983 #23177]
Journal Article 2003 Schöne, B. Environment controls on shell growth rates and δ<sup>18</sup>O of the shallow-marine bivalve mollusk <i>Phacosoma japonicum</i> in Japan Marine Biology [Schöne, 2003 #28582]
Book Section 2010 Kaneda, Chukichi History of rice in Japan Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Kaneda, 2010 #23227]
Book Section 1995 De Vos, George A. Cultural identity and minority status in Japan Ethnic identity: creation, conflict, and accommodation [De 1995 #23211]
Journal Article 2006 Hammer, Michael Dual origins of the Japanese: common ground for hunter-gatherer and farmer Y chromosomes Journal of Human Genetics [Hammer, 2006 #28617]
Journal Article 2006 Hudson, Mark J. Pots and people: ethnicity, culture and identity in postwar Japanese archaeology Critique of Anthropology [Hudson, 2006 #28637]
Journal Article 2011 Nakazawa, Yuichi Human responses to the Younger Dryas in Japan Quaternary International [Nakazawa, 2011 #28693]
Book Section 1986 Tsukada, Matsuo Vegetation in prehistoric Japan: the last 20,000 years Windows on the Japanese past [Tsukada, 1986 #23327]
Book 1963 Trewartha, Glenn Thomas Japan: a physical, cultural and regional geography [Trewartha, 1963 #20137]
Conference Paper Solheim, Wilhelm G. The Son Vi and 'Hoabhinian' in Japan The Hoabinhian 60 years after Madeleine Colani: Anniversary Conference 28 December 1993 - 3 January 1994 [Solheim, #26430]
Journal Article 2010 Tanaka, Katsunori Rice archaeological remains and the possibility of DNA archaeology: examples from Yayoi and Heian periods of Northern Japan Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Tanaka, 2010 #28833]
Conference Proceeding 1972 Fuji, Norio Palynological study on 200 meters core sample of Lake Biwa in Japan Proceedings on the Japan Academy [Fuji, 1972 #26553]
Journal Article 1984 Rowley-Conwy, Peter Postglacial foraging and early farming economies in Japan and Korea: a West European perspective World Archaeology [Rowley-Conwy, 1984 #28883]
Book 1817 Raffles, Thomas Account of the Sunda Islands and Japan Journal of Science and the Arts [Raffles, 1817 #20224]
Journal Article 1978 Pearson, Richard J. Some problems in the study of Jomon subsistence Antiquity [Pearson, 1978 #28948]
Book 1986 Pearson, Richard J. Windows on the Japanese past: studies in archaeology and prehistory [Pearson, 1986 #20256]
Journal Article 1997 Kuze Kenji Reconstruction of firing techniques of Yayoi pottery based on firing cloud patterns Journal of the Japanese Archaeology Association [Kuze 1997 #28970]
Book 2010 Kyushu Kinsei Toji Gakkai Sekai ni yushutsusareta hizen toji: kyushu kinsei toji gakkai nijisshunen kinen [Kyushu 2010 #20264]
Book 1979 Cort, Louise Allison Shigaraki, potters' valley [Cort, 1979 #20270]
Journal Article 1983 Nishida, Masaki The emergence of food production in Neolithic Japan Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Nishida, 1983 #29062]
Journal Article 2009 Summerhayes, Glenn R. An Austronesian presence in southern Japan: early occupation in the Yaemama Islands Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Summerhayes, 2009 #29081]
Journal Article 1992 Oda, Shizuo The origin and early development of axe-like and edge-ground stone tools in the Japanese Palaeolithic Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Oda, 1992 #29121]
Journal Article 1991 Pearson, Richard Trade and the rise of the Okinawan state Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Pearson, 1991 #29140]
Journal Article 1991 Shijun Asato, The distribution of Tridacna shell adzes in the southern Ryukyu Islands Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Shijun 1991 #29139]
Journal Article 1991 Keally, Charles T. Environment and the distribution of sites in the Japanese Palaeolithic: environmental zones and cultural areas Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Keally, 1991 #29152]
Journal Article 1988 Ohtsuka, Ryutaro The 13th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Ohtsuka, 1988 #29161]