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Book 1991 Niessen, Sandra A. Batak clothing at the turn of the 19th century [Niessen, 1991 #19884]
Book 1993 Niessen, Sandra A. Batak cloth and clothing: a dynamic Indonesian tradition Asia Collection [Niessen, 1993 #19937]
Book Section 2011 Endicott, Kirk Cooperative autonomy: social solidarity among the Batek of Malaysia Anarchic solidarity: autonomy, equality, and fellowship in Southeast Asia [Endicott, 2011 #22557]
Book Section 1988 Cadeliña, Rowe V. A comparison of Batak and Ata subsistence styles in two different social and physical environments Ethnic diversity and the control of natural resources in Southeast Asia [Cadeliña, 1988 #22576]
Book 1987 Eder, James F. On the road to tribal extinction: depopulation, deculturation, and maladaption among the Batak of the Philippines [Eder, 1987 #19958]
Journal Article 1978 Eder, James F. The caloric returns to food collecting: disruption and change among the Batak of the Philippine tropical forest Human Ecology [Eder, 1978 #28507]
Book Section in a Series 1998 Novellino, Dario The ominous switch: from indigenous forest management to conservation - the case of the Batak on Palawan Island, Philippines Indigenous peoples and protected areas in South and Southeast Asia: from principles to practice [Novellino, 1998 #25549]
Book Section in a Series 1975 Castles, Lance Statelessness and stateforming tendencies among the Batak before colonial rule Pre-colonial state systems in Southeast Asia [Castles, 1975 #25727]
Book (Edited) 1998 Newton, Douglas Arts des mers du Sud : Insulinde, Mélanésie, Polynésie, Micronésie : Collections du musée Barbier-Muelle [Newton, 1998 #21545]
Book in a Series 1964 Vergouwen, Jacob Cornelis The social organisation and customary law of the Toba-Batak of northern Sumatra [Vergouwen, 1964 #21838]
Journal Article 1984 Eder, James F. The impact of subsistence change on mobility and settlement pattern in a tropical forest foraging economy: some implications for archaeology American Anthropologist [Eder, 1984 #34836]
Journal Article 1978 Maloney, Bernard K. Toba Batak ethnobotany Indonesia Circle [Maloney, 1978 #35712]
Book 1991 Sibeth, Achim The Batak: peoples of the islands of Sumatra [Sibeth, 1991 #21243]