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Journal Article 2009 Oppenheimer, Stephen The great arc of dispersal of modern humans: Africa to Australia Quaternary International [Oppenheimer, 2009 #37250]
Book Section 1970 Alexander, John The domestication of yams: a multi-disciplinary approach Science in Archeology: A Survey of Progress and Research [Alexander, 1970 #37138]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Pereira, Clifford J. New interpretations on the African presence in Southeast Asia 700-1700 CE Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2019: selected papers from the Third SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand 2019 [Pereira, 2020 #36933]
Thesis-PhD 2001 Lurie, Mark Nathan Migration and the spread of HIV in South Africa [Lurie, 2001 #36526]
Thesis-PhD 1991 White, Christine Diana Isotopic analysis of multiple human tissues from three ancient Nubian populations [White, 1991 #36509]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Davison, C. C. Glass beads in African archaeology: results of neutron activation analysis, supplemented by results of X-ray fluorescence analysis [Davison, 1972 #36502]
Thesis 1946 Shiah, N. Ancient Egyptian beads Egyptology [Shiah, 1946 #36351]
Magazine Article 1980 Francis, Peter, Jr. Bead report III: beads in Egypt Ornament [Francis, 1980 #36063]
Journal Article 1979 Vérin, Pierre Archaeological research in Madagascar Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Vérin, 1979 #35772]
Journal Article 1999 Vérin, Pierre Madagascar and Indonesia: new evidence from archaeology and linguistics Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Vérin, 1999 #35431]
Journal Article 1986 Ambrose, Stanley H. The isotopic ecology of east African animals Oecologia [Ambrose, 1986 #34807]
Journal Article 1986 Ambrose, Stanley H. Reconstruction of African human diet using bone collagen carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios Nature [Ambrose, 1986 #34806]
Journal Article 1989 Ambrose, Stanley H. Climate and habitat reconstruction using stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios of collagen in prehistoric herbivore teeth from Kenya Quaternary Research [Ambrose, 1989 #34805]
Journal Article 1997 Cerling, Thure E. Dietary and environmental reconstruction with stable isotope analyses of herbivore tooth enamel from the Miocene locality of Fort Ternan, Kenya Journal of Human Evolution [Cerling, 1997 #34762]
Journal Article 1978 DeNiro, Michael J. Carbon isotopic evidence for difference feeding patterns in two hyrax species occupying the same habitat Science [DeNiro, 1978 #34739]
Journal Article 1987 Dettwyler, Katherine A. Breastfeeding and weaning in Mali: cultural context and hard data Social Science and Medicine [Dettwyler, 1987 #34730]
Journal Article 1998 Iacumin, P. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes as dietary indicators of ancient Nubian populations (Northern Sudan) Journal of Archaeological Science [Iacumin, 1998 #34654]
Journal Article 1996 Iacumin, P. An isotopic palaeoenvironmental study of human skeletal remains from the Nile Valley Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Iacumin, 1996 #34653]
Journal Article 1989 Lee-Thorp, Julia A. Isotopic evidence for dietary differences between two extinct baboon species from Swartkrans Journal of Human Evolution [Lee-Thorp, 1989 #34610]
Journal Article 1994 Lee-Thorp, Julia A. Diet of <i>Australopithecus robustus</i> at Swartkrans from stable carbon isotope analysis Journal of Human Evolution [Lee-Thorp, 1994 #34607]
Journal Article 1968 Race, G. J. Ancient Nubian human bone: a chemical and ultrastructural characterization including collagen American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Race, 1968 #34546]
Journal Article 1994 Sandford, M. K. Multivariate analyses of elemental hair concentrations from a medieval Nubian population American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Sandford, 1994 #34538]
Journal Article 1997 Sealy, Judith C. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios and coastal diets in the later stone age of South Africa: a comparison and critical analysis of two data sets Ancient Biomolecules [Sealy, 1997 #34511]
Journal Article 1992 Sealy, Judith C. On "approaches to dietary reconstruction in the Western Cape: are you what you have eaten?" - A reply to Parkington Journal of Archaeological Science [Sealy, 1992 #34509]
Journal Article 1985 Sealy, Judith C. Isotope assessment of Holocene human diets in the southwestern Cape South Africa Nature [Sealy, 1985 #34508]
Journal Article 1992 Sillen, Andrew Strontium-calcium ratios (Sr/Ca) of <i>Australopithecus robustus</i> and associated fauna from Swartkrans Journal of Human Evolution [Sillen, 1992 #34503]
Journal Article 1991 Sillen, Andrew Solubility profiles of synthetic apatites and of modern and fossil bones Journal of Archaeological Science [Sillen, 1991 #34502]
Journal Article 1997 White, Christine D. Osteopenia and stable isotope ratios in bone collagen of Nubian female mummies American Journal of Physical Anthropology [White, 1997 #34440]
Journal Article 1994 White, Christine D. Temporal trends in stable isotopes for Nubian mummy tissues American Journal of Physical Anthropology [White, 1994 #34439]
Journal Article 2001 Dupras, Tosha L. Infant feeding and weaning practices in Roman Egypt American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Dupras, 2001 #34380]