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Journal Article 1993 Aiello, Leslie C. The fossil evidence for modern human origins in Africa: a revised review American Anthropologist [Aiello, 1993 #30016]
Book Section 1970 Alexander, John The domestication of yams: a multi-disciplinary approach Science in Archeology: A Survey of Progress and Research [Alexander, 1970 #37138]
Journal Article 1983 Allibert, Claude Le site de Bagamoyo (Mayotte, archipel des Comores) Études Océan Indien [Allibert, 1983 #30002]
Journal Article 2002 Ambrose, Stanley H. Small Things Remembered: Origins of Early Microlithic Industries in Sub-Saharan Africa Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization [Ambrose, 2002 #19025]
Journal Article 1989 Ambrose, Stanley H. Climate and habitat reconstruction using stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios of collagen in prehistoric herbivore teeth from Kenya Quaternary Research [Ambrose, 1989 #34805]
Journal Article 1986 Ambrose, Stanley H. Reconstruction of African human diet using bone collagen carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios Nature [Ambrose, 1986 #34806]
Journal Article 1986 Ambrose, Stanley H. The isotopic ecology of east African animals Oecologia [Ambrose, 1986 #34807]
Book Section 2010 Badawi, Abd El-Azeem History of rice in Africa Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Badawi, 2010 #23221]
Journal Article 1997 Bar-Yosef Mayer, D. E. Neolithic shell bead production in Sinai Journal of Archaeological Science [Bar-Yosef 1997 #29967]
Book Section 1971 Batistini, R. Temoine archéologique sur la côte Vezo Civilisation de Madagascar: art et archéologie, anthropologie sociale [Batistini, 1971 #23941]
Journal Article 1965 Batistini, R. L'importance de l'homme dans les transformations protohistoriques du milieu naturel à Madagascar Taloha [Batistini, 1965 #29969]
Book 1971 Bloch, Maurice Placing the dead: tombs, ancestral villages and kinship organization in Madagascar [Bloch, 1971 #20742]
Book 1947 Brain, C. K. The hunters or the hunted?: an introduction to African cave taphonomy [Brain, 1947 #20731]
Book Section 2015 Canavas, Constantin Early use of iron in Aksum - trade and technology transfer across the Ethiopian highland Metals and civilizations [Canavas, 2015 #22405]
Journal Article 1980 Casson, Lionel Rome's trade with the east: the sea voyage to Africa and India Transactions of the American Philological Society [Casson, 1980 #29905]
Journal Article 1997 Cerling, Thure E. Dietary and environmental reconstruction with stable isotope analyses of herbivore tooth enamel from the Miocene locality of Fort Ternan, Kenya Journal of Human Evolution [Cerling, 1997 #34762]
Journal Article 1993 Childs, S. T. Indigenous African metallurgy: nature and culture Annual Review of Anthropology [Childs, 1993 #29877]
Book Section 1996 Childs, S. Terry Forging symbolic meaning in Zaire and Zimbabwe The culture and technology of African iron production [Childs, 1996 #23851]
Book Section in a Series 1998 Childs, S. Terry Social identity and craft specialization among Toro ironworkers in western Uganda Craft and social identity [Childs, 1998 #25803]
Book Section in a Series 1991 Childs, S. Terry Iron as utility or expression: reforging function in Africa Metals in society: theory beyond analysis [Childs, 1991 #25804]
Book (Edited) 1975 Chittick, N. East Africa and the Orient: cultural syntheses in pre-colonial times [Chittick, 1975 #21513]
Journal Article 2002 Close, Angela E. Backed Bladelets Are a Foreign Country Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization [Close, 2002 #19026]
Book Section in a Series 1993 Collet, D. P. Metaphors and representations associated with precolonial iron-smelting in eastern and southern Africa The archaeology of Africa: food, metals, and towns [Collet, 1993 #25801]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Davison, C. C. Glass beads in African archaeology: results of neutron activation analysis, supplemented by results of X-ray fluorescence analysis [Davison, 1972 #36502]
Journal Article 1998 Deakin, W. J. Amplification and sequencing of DNA from preserved sorghum of up to 2800 years antiquity found at Qasr Ibrim Ancient Biomolecules [Deakin, 1998 #32416]
Journal Article 1998 Deakin, William J. The Sorghum of Qasr Ibrim: reconstructing DNA templates from ancient seeds Ancient Biomolecules [Deakin, 1998 #32431]
Book 1996 Delarozière, Marie-Françoise Perles d'Afrique [Delarozière, 1996 #20648]
Journal Article 1978 DeNiro, Michael J. Carbon isotopic evidence for difference feeding patterns in two hyrax species occupying the same habitat Science [DeNiro, 1978 #34739]
Book 1960 Deschamps, H. Histoire de Madagascar [Deschamps, 1960 #20641]
Journal Article 1987 Dettwyler, Katherine A. Breastfeeding and weaning in Mali: cultural context and hard data Social Science and Medicine [Dettwyler, 1987 #34730]