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Journal Article 1969 Hui-Lin Li, The vegetables of ancient China Economic Botany [Hui-Lin 1969 #29377]
Journal Article 1970 Li, Hui-lin The origin of cultivated plants in Southeast Asia Economic Botany [Li, 1970 #36019]
Journal Article 1977 Brunken, Jere The morphology and domestication of pearl millet Economic Botany [Brunken, 1977 #35908]
Journal Article 1966 Jennings, Peter R. The evolution of plant type in Oryza sativa Economic Botany [Jennings, 1966 #35340]
Journal Article 1971 Dentan, R. K. Some Senoi Semai planting techniques Economic Botany [Dentan, 1971 #35912]
Journal Article 1986 Gianno, Rosemary Resin classification among the Semelai of Tasek Bera, Pahang, Malaysia Economic Botany [Gianno, 1986 #35624]
Journal Article 1967 Conklin, Harold C. Ifugao ethnobotany 1905-1965: the 1911 Beyer-Merrill report in perspective Economic Botany [Conklin, 1967 #27888]
Journal Article 1974 Keng, Hsuan Economic plants of ancient North China as mentioned in the Shih Ching (Book of Poetry) Economic Botany [Keng, 1974 #36018]
Journal Article 1998 Utsunomiya, Naoki Diospyros species in Thailand: their distribution, fruit morphology and uses Economic Botany [Utsunomiya, 1998 #33838]
Journal Article 1958 Raghavan, V. Areca nut. India's popular masticatory - history, chemistry and utilization Economic Botany [Raghavan, 1958 #35136]