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BAR Book 1998 Fukasawa, Yuriko Ainu archaeology as ethnohistory: iron technology among the Saru Ainu of Hokkaido, Japan, in the 17th century [Fukasawa, 1998 #19635]
BAR Section 1998 Pigott, Vincent C. Mining archaeology in geological context: the prehistoric copper mining complex at Phu Lon, Nong Khai Province, northeast Thailand Metallurgica Antiqua: in honour of Hans-Gert Bachmann and Robert Maddin [Pigott, 1998 #19673]
Book 1998 Ngaosyvathn, Mayoury Paths to conflagration: fifty years of diplomacy and warfare in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, 1778-1828 Southeast Asia Program Publications [Ngaosyvathn, 1998 #19720]
Book 1998 Yuliati, C. Sistem Pengburan dengan Tempayan di Bali dan Nusa Tenggara Timur [Yuliati, 1998 #19783]
Book 1998 Early, John D. Population dynamics of a Philippine rain forest people: the San Ildefonso Agta [Early, 1998 #19911]
Book 1998 Swearer, Donald K. The legend of Queen Cāma: Bodhiraṃsi's Cāmadevīvaṃsa, a translation and commentary SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies [Swearer, 1998 #19913]
Book 1998 Stuart-Fox, Martin The Lao Kingdom of Lān Xāng: rise and decline [Stuart-Fox, 1998 #19927]
Book 1998 Isamu Yamada Tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia Monographs of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University [Isamu 1998 #19943]
Book 1998 Heimann, Judith M. The most offending soul alive: Tom Harrisson and his remarkable life [Heimann, 1998 #20059]
Book 1998 Friedman, Jonathan System, structure, and contradiction: the evolution of "Asiatic" social formations [Friedman, 1998 #20097]
Book 1998 Vickery, Michael Society, economics, and politics in pre-Angkor Cambodia: the 7th and 8th centuries [Vickery, 1998 #20127]
Book 1998 Templer, Robert Shadows and wind: a view of modern Vietnam [Templer, 1998 #20150]
Book 1998 Deng, Cong East Asian jade: symbol of excellence [Deng, 1998 #20152]
Book 1998 Salazar, Zeus A. The Malayan connection: Ang Pilipinas Sa Dunia Melayu [Salazar, 1998 #20202]
Book 1998 Bernot, Denise Études birmanes: en hommage à Denise Bernot [Bernot, 1998 #20246]
Book 1998 Dang, Van Thang Khao co hoc tien su’ và so’ su’ Thành pho Ho Chí Minh [Dang, 1998 #20261]
Book 1998 Ha Van Tan Khao co hoc Viet Nam: T.âp 1, Tho’i dai dá Vi.êt Nam [Ha 1998 #20263]
Book 1998 Ameer, Naseem Settlement archaeology [Ameer, 1998 #20268]
Book 1998 Lê, Trung Vietnamese ceramics in the Museum of Vietnamese History, Ho Chi Minh City [Lê, 1998 #20302]
Book 1998 Ridho, Abu The Pulau Buaya wreck: finds from the Song period [Ridho, 1998 #20320]
Book 1998 Juleff, G. Early iron and steel in Sri Lanka: a study of the Samanalawewa area [Juleff, 1998 #20475]
Book 1998 Guy, John Woven cargoes: Indian textiles in the east [Guy, 1998 #20542]
Book 1998 Evans, Grant The politics of ritual and remembrance: Laos since 1975 [Evans, 1998 #20602]
Book 1998 Becker, Jasper Hungry ghosts: Mao's secret famine [Becker, 1998 #20754]
Book 1998 Aung-Thwin, Michael Myth and history in the historiography of early Burma: paradigms, primary sources, and prejudices [Aung-Thwin, 1998 #20766]
Book 1998 Kealhofer, Lisa Opal phytoliths in Southeast Asia [Kealhofer, 1998 #20995]
Book 1998 Reinecke, Andreas Einführung in die Archäologie Vietnams/Hành trình vào Khao co hoc Viêt Nam [Reinecke, 1998 #21016]
Book 1998 Munier, Christophe Sacred rocks and Buddhist caves in Thailand [Munier, 1998 #21037]
Book 1998 Smyth, H. Warrington Exploring for gemstones on the upper Mekong: northern Siam and Parts of Laos in the Years 1892-1893 [Smyth, 1998 #21064]
Book 1998 Jacobs, Julian The Nagas. Hill peoples of northeast India: society, culture, and the colonial encounter [Jacobs, 1998 #21067]