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Book 1996 Cuong, N. L. Anthropological characteristics of Dong Son population in Vietnam [Cuong, 1996 #19782]
Book 1996 Gosling, Betty Old Luang Prabang [Gosling, 1996 #19784]
Book 1996 Fouser, Beth Louise The lord of the golden tower: King Prasat Thong and the building of Wat Chaiwatthanaram Studies in Southeast Asian History [Fouser, 1996 #19909]
Book 1996 Karma Lekshe Tsomo, Sisters in solitude: two traditions of Buddhist monastic ethics for women : a comparative analysis of the Chinese Dharmagupta and the Tibetan <i>Mūlāsarvāstivada Bhikṣuṇī Prātimokṣa sūtras</i> SUNY Series, Feminist Philosophy [Karma 1996 #19915]
Book 1996 Karetzky, Patricia Eichenbaum Arts of the Tang court Images of Asia [Karetzky, 1996 #19917]
Book 1996 Holt, John Clifford The religious world of Kirti Sri: Buddhism, art, and politics in late medieval Sri Lanka [Holt, 1996 #19918]
Book 1996 Connors, Mary F. Lao textiles and traditions Images of Asia [Connors, 1996 #19921]
Book 1996 Maloney, Bernard K. New perspectives on possible early dry land and wet land rice cultivation in highland North Sumatra University of Hull, Centre for South-East Asian Studies Occasional Paper [Maloney, 1996 #19924]
Book 1996 Phạm-đúc-Mạnh Di-tích-khao-cô-học-Bung-Bạc-(Bà-Rịa-Vũng-Tàu) [Phạm-đúc-Mạnh 1996 #20004]
Book 1996 Pham, M. H. Van Hoa Dong Son (Dong Son culture) [Pham, 1996 #20038]
Book 1996 Garnier, Francis Travels in Cambodia and Part of Laos: the Mekong Exploratioin Commission Report (1866-1868) [Garnier, 1996 #20044]
Book 1996 Lahr, Marta Mirazon The evolution of modern human diversity: a study of cranial variation [Lahr, 1996 #20057]
Book 1996 Deer, W. A. An introduction to the rock-forming minerals [Deer, 1996 #20166]
Book 1996 Shaffer, Lynda Maritime Southeast Asia to 1500 [Shaffer, 1996 #20190]
Book 1996 Picard, Michel Bali: cultural tourism and touristic culture [Picard, 1996 #20248]
Book 1996 Loviny, Christophe The pearl road: tales of treasure ships in the Philippines [Loviny, 1996 #20310]
Book 1996 Moore, Elizabeth Ancient capitals of Thailand [Moore, 1996 #20364]
Book 1996 Mannikka, Eleanor Angkor Wat: space, time and kingship [Mannikka, 1996 #20403]
Book 1996 Swadling, Pamela Plumes from paradise: trade cycles in outer Southeast Asia and their impact on New Guinea and nearby islands until 1920 [Swadling, 1996 #20439]
Book 1996 Xuân Diem Lê, Co vat Champa (Artefacts of Champa) [Xuân 1996 #20447]
Book 1996 Horton, Mark Shanga: the archaeology of a Muslim trading community on the coast of East Africa [Horton, 1996 #20509]
Book 1996 Dizon, E. Faces from Maitum: the archaeological excavations of Ayub Cave [Dizon, 1996 #20636]
Book 1996 Delarozière, Marie-Françoise Perles d'Afrique [Delarozière, 1996 #20648]
Book 1996 Coe, Michael The true history of chocolate [Coe, 1996 #20676]
Book 1996 Chihara, Daigoro Hindu-Buddhist architecture in Southeast Asia [Chihara, 1996 #20687]
Book 1996 Carman, John Valuing ancient things: archaeology and law [Carman, 1996 #20711]
Book 1996 Bahn, Paul G. The Cambridge illustrated history of archaeology [Bahn, 1996 #20765]
Book 1996 Hillson, Simon Dental Anthropology [Hillson, 1996 #20971]
Book 1996 Vallibhotama, Srisakra Thailand's historical background: from prehistoric times to Ayutthaya [Vallibhotama, 1996 #20985]
Book 1996 Brown, R. L. The Dvaravati wheels of the law and the Indianization of Southeast Asia [Brown, 1996 #21027]