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Ref ID: 19915
Ref Type: Book
Authors: Karma Lekshe Tsomo,
Title: Sisters in solitude: two traditions of Buddhist monastic ethics for women : a comparative analysis of the Chinese Dharmagupta and the Tibetan <i>Mūlāsarvāstivada Bhikṣuṇī Prātimokṣa sūtras</i>
Date: 1996
Source: SUNY Series, Feminist Philosophy
Place of Publication: Albany, New York
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Notes: Description: This study is an investigation of the moral precepts and codes of everyday conduct by which ordained women regulated their lives. It takes as its basis the <i>Bhikṣuṇī Prātimokṣa Sūtras</i> of the Dharmagupta school, preserved in Chinese translation, and the Mūlāsarvāstivada school, preserved in Tibetan translation. <i>Sisters in Solitude</i> documents the earliest recorded system of ethics formulated especially for women and presents the first English translations of the original texts. An essential sourcebook for studies on women's religious history and feminist ethics, it details the monastic guidelines that link Buddhist nuns of the different traditions. The texts it contains unite women of many cultures.
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