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Book in a Series 1989 Adkins, Lesley and Roy A. Adkins Archaeological Illustration [Adkins, 1989 #18945]
BAR Book 1989 Rendell, Helen M. Pleistocene and paleolithic investigations in the Soan Valley, Northern Pakistan [Rendell, 1989 #19629]
BAR Book 1989 Tampoe, Moira Maritime trade between China and the West: an archaeological study of the ceramics from Siraf (Persian Gulf), 8th to 15th centuries A.D [Tampoe, 1989 #19633]
BAR Book 1989 Wilen, Richard N. Excavations at Non Pa Kluay, northeast Thailand [Wilen, 1989 #19649]
BAR Book (Edited) 1989 Harris, David R. Foraging and farming [Harris, 1989 #19654]
BAR Section 1989 Weiss, Andrew The COMPASS System: computer-assisted surveying and mapping for archaeological fieldwork Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, 1989 [Weiss, 1989 #19661]
BAR Section 1989 Richards, J. D. Computers and burial archaeology Burial Archaeology [Richards, 1989 #19689]
Book 1989 Durrenberger, E. Paul Lisu religion Northern Illinois University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies Occasional Papers [Durrenberger, 1989 #19819]
Book 1989 Leigh, Barbara Hands of time: the crafts of Aceh (Tangan-tangan trampil: seni kerajinan Aceh) [Leigh, 1989 #19886]
Book 1989 Kenji Itoi, Thai ceramics from the Sò„sai collection Asia Collection [Kenji 1989 #19891]
Book 1989 Boyes, Jon A life apart: viewed from the hills [Boyes, 1989 #19901]
Book 1989 Barnes, Ruth The Ikat textiles of Lamalera: a study of an Eastern Indonesian weaving tradition Studies in South Asian Culture [Barnes, 1989 #19902]
Book 1989 Errington, Shelly Meaning and power in a Southeast Asian realm [Errington, 1989 #19952]
Book 1989 Strachan, Paul Imperial pagan: art and architecture of Burma [Strachan, 1989 #19953]
Book 1989 Harris, Edward C. Principles of archaeological stratigraphy [Harris, 1989 #19990]
Book 1989 Gervaise, Nicolas The natural and political history of the kingdom of Siam [Gervaise, 1989 #19993]
Book 1989 Munan, Heidi Sarawak crafts: methods, materials, and motifs Images of Asia [Munan, 1989 #20011]
Book 1989 Francis, Peter The type collection of beads from archaeological contexts in the Philippine National Museum: as developed and maintained by Rey Santiago under the initial inspiration and guidance of Robert B, Fox [Francis, 1989 #20014]
Book 1989 Francis, Peter Heirloom and ethnographically collected beads in Southeast Asia: a preliminary report on research into beads in current use in Southeast Asia, with special reference to those of Sarawak (East Malaysia) and the Philippines [Francis, 1989 #20015]
Book 1989 Francis, Peter Beads and the bead trade in Southeast Asia: a preliminary report on research into the bead trade of Southeast Asia as a segment of the Indian Ocean Bead Trade project coordinated by the Center for Bead Research [Francis, 1989 #20016]
Book 1989 Hutchison, Charles S. Geological Evolution of South-East Asia Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics [Hutchison, 1989 #20049]
Book 1989 Wagner, Donald B. Toward the reconstruction of ancient Chinese techniques for the production of malleable cast iron [Wagner, 1989 #20123]
Book 1989 Uzzell, David L. Heritage interpretation: the visitor experience [Uzzell, 1989 #20130]
Book 1989 Uzzell, David L. Heritage interpretation: the natural and built environment [Uzzell, 1989 #20131]
Book 1989 Turner, Paula J. Roman coins from India [Turner, 1989 #20133]
Book 1989 Singh, Ravindra N. Ancient Indian glass: archaeology and technology [Singh, 1989 #20176]
Book 1989 Seneviratna, Anuradha The springs of Sinhala civilization: an illustrated survey of the ancient irrigation system of Sri Lanka [Seneviratna, 1989 #20193]
Book 1989 Bronitsky, Gordon Pottery technology: ideas and approaches [Bronitsky, 1989 #20266]
Book 1989 Guy, John Ceramic tradition in South-east Asia [Guy, 1989 #20334]
Book 1989 Spriggs, M. Planning for preservation: a general evaluation of the cultural resources of Erromango, Tafea District, Republic of Vanuatu [Spriggs, 1989 #20412]