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Book 1977 Tran Tiêu Lu’u, Khu mo co Châu Can [Tran 1977 #20425]
Journal Article 1977 Legarda, Angelita G. Antique beads of the Philippine islands Arts of Asia [Legarda, 1977 #29386]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Kennedy, Jean Isabel A course toward diversity: economic interaction and cultural differentiation in prehistoric mainland Southeast Asia [Kennedy, 1977 #36493]
Book in a Series 1977 Brown, Roxanna M. Legend and reality: early ceramics from South-east Asia [Brown, 1977 #21738]
Journal Article 1977 Ha, Van Tan Khuyen tai hai thu va quan he Dongson - Sa Huynh (Two-headed animal earrings and the relationship between Dongson and Sa Huynh) Khao Co Hoc [Ha, 1977 #29611]
Journal Article 1977 Glover, I. The Late Stone Age in eastern Indonesia World Archaeology [Glover, 1977 #29663]
Book Section 1977 Sherratt, Andrew Resources, technology and trade: an essay in early European metallurgy Problems in economic and social archaeology [Sherratt, 1977 #23811]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Feldman, J. A. The architecture of Nias, Indonesia with special reference to Bawomataluo village [Feldman, 1977 #36497]
Book 1977 Newman, Thelma R. Contemporary Southeast Asian arts and crafts: ethnic craftsmen at work with how-to instructions for adapting their crafts [Newman, 1977 #20605]
Book 1977 Eberhard, W. A history of China. 4th edition. [Eberhard, 1977 #20614]
Book Section in a Series 1977 Lechtman, Heather Style in technology--some early thoughts Material culture: styles, organization, and dynamics of technology [Lechtman, 1977 #25785]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Dewar, R. E. Archaeology as ecological anthropology in central Taiwan [Dewar, 1977 #36501]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1977 Earle, Timothy K. Exchange systems in prehistory [Earle, 1977 #22070]
Conference Proceeding 1977 Constantini, L. Notes on the palaeoethnobotany of proto-historical Swat Fourth International Conference of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe [Constantini, 1977 #26561]
Journal Article 1977 Clason, A. T. Wild and domestic animals in prehistoric and early historic India Eastern Anthropologist [Clason, 1977 #29863]
Book Section 1977 Chang, Te-Tzu The rice cultures The Early History of Agriculture: a Joint Symposium of the Royal Society and the British Academy [Chang, 1977 #23894]
Book 1977 Chang, Kwang-chih Food in Chinese culture: anthropological and historical perspectives [Chang, 1977 #20696]
Journal Article 1977 Carswell, John China and Islam: a survey of the coast of India and Ceylon Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society [Carswell, 1977 #29908]
Book 1977 Brown, Roxanna M. The ceramics of South-east Asia: their dating and identification [Brown, 1977 #20724]
Journal Article 1977 Boon, George C. Gold-in-glass beads from the ancient world Britannia [Boon, 1977 #29936]
Book Section 1977 Biscione, R. The crisis of Central Asian urbanization in the third millennium BC and villages as an alternative system Le plateau iranien et l'Asie centrale des origines à la conquête islamique: leurs relations à la lumière des documents archéologiques [Biscione, 1977 #23932]
Book Section 1977 Bellwood, Peter Prehistoric plant and animal domestication in Austronesia Problems in economic and social archaeology [Bellwood, 1977 #23937]
Book (Edited) 1977 Basaglia, Piero La città bruciata del deserto salato [Basaglia, 1977 #21524]
Journal Article 1977 Bagley, R. W. A Shang city in Hupei Artibus Asiae [Bagley, 1977 #29979]
Book Section 1977 Allchin, Bridget Hunters, pastoralists and early agriculturalists in South Asia Hunters, gatherers and first farmers beyond Europe: an archaeological survey [Allchin, 1977 #23955]
Journal Article 1977 Hass, Jere D. Nutritional anthropology and biological adaptation Annual Review of Anthropology [Hass, 1977 #30129]
Book (Edited) 1977 Megaw, J. V. S. Hunters, gatherers and first farmers beyond Europe: an archaeological survey [Megaw, 1977 #21554]
Book Section in a Series 1977 Tambiah, Stanley J. The galactic polity : the structure of traditional kingdoms in Southeast Asia. Anthropology and the climate of opinion [Tambiah, 1977 #25971]
Book 1977 Lēkhakun, Bunsong Mammals of Thailand [Lēkhakun, 1977 #20869]
Book (Edited) 1977 Wood, William Cultural-ecological perspectives on Southeast Asia: a symposium Papers in International Studies: Southeast Asia series [Wood, 1977 #21564]