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Report 1971 Chung, S. K. Annual Report of the Geological Survey Malaysia 1971 [Chung, 1971 #36264]
Report 1971 Fox, Robert B. Explorations and excavations of cave sites of ancient man on Palawan Island, Philippines [Fox, 1971 #36260]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1971 Flenley, John R. The water relations of Malesian forests. Transactions of the First Aberdeen-Hull symposium on Malesian Ecology, Hull, 1970 [Flenley, 1971 #22118]
Book in a Series 1971 Martin, Marie A. Introduction à l'ethnobotanique du Cambodge [Martin, 1971 #21969]
Book in a Series 1971 Bayard, Donn T. Non Nok Tha: the 1968 excavation procedure, stratigraphy and summary of the evidence [Bayard, 1971 #21954]
Book (Edited) 1971 Soepadmo, E. A guide to Batu caves [Soepadmo, 1971 #21586]
Book 1971 Fox, Robert B. Ancient man and Pleistocene fauna in Cagayan Valley, northern Luzon, Philippines: a progress report [Fox, 1971 #21168]
Book 1971 Spencer, J. E. Asia, East by South: a cultural geography [Spencer, 1971 #21137]
Book 1971 Boriskovsky, P. I. Le paléolithique de l'Asie du Sud et du Sud-Est [Boriskovsky, 1971 #21083]
Book 1971 Holdridge, L. R. Forest environments in tropical zones: a pilot study [Holdridge, 1971 #21004]
Book 1971 Spencer, J. E. Asia East by South [Spencer, 1971 #20981]
Book 1971 Holdridge, L. R. Forest environments in tropical life zones: a pilot study [Holdridge, 1971 #20978]
Book 1971 Ryan, N. J. The cultural heritage of Malaya [Ryan, 1971 #20829]
Book 1971 Bloch, Maurice Placing the dead: tombs, ancestral villages and kinship organization in Madagascar [Bloch, 1971 #20742]
Book 1971 Brookfield, H. C. Melanesia: a geographical interpretation of an island world [Brookfield, 1971 #20726]
Book 1971 Brown, James Allison Approaches to the social dimensions of mortuary practices [Brown, 1971 #20725]
Book 1971 Casson, Lionel Ships and seamanship in the ancient world [Casson, 1971 #20706]
Book 1971 de Morga, Antonio Sucesos de las islas Filipinas [de 1971 #20659]
Book 1971 Goody, Jack Technology, tradition, and the state in Africa [Goody, 1971 #20630]
Book 1971 Pliny the Elder, Natural history [Pliny 1971 #20610]
Book 1971 Greenhill, Basil Boats and boatmen in Pakistan [Greenhill, 1971 #20550]
Book 1971 Watson, William Cultural frontiers in ancient East Asia [Watson, 1971 #20489]
Book 1971 Marr, David G. Vietnamese anticolonialism, 1885-1925 [Marr, 1971 #20402]
Book 1971 Willetts, William Ceramic art of Southeast Asia [Willetts, 1971 #20258]
Book 1971 Trautmann, Thomas R. Kautilya and the Arthasastra: a statistical investigation of the authorship and evolution of the text [Trautmann, 1971 #20139]
Book 1971 Wheatley, Paul The pivot of the four quarters: a preliminary enquiry into the origins and character of the ancient Chinese city [Wheatley, 1971 #20117]
Book 1971 Agrawal, D. P. The copper bronze age in India: an integrated archaeological study of the copper bronze age in India in the light of chronological, technological, and ecological factors, ca. 3000-500 B.C. [Agrawal, 1971 #19868]
Journal Article 1971 Gorman, Chester Francis The Hoabinhian and after: subsistence patterns in Southeast Asia during the Late Pleistocene and Early Recent Periods World Archaeology [Gorman, 1971 #34695]
Journal Article 1971 Dayton, J. The problem of tin in the ancient world World Archaeology [Dayton, 1971 #29802]
Journal Article 1971 Rowlands, M. J. The archaeological interpretation of prehistoric metalworking World Archaeology [Rowlands, 1971 #29722]