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Journal Article 1965 Martel, Gabrielle La culture du riz chez les Santals du Bengale Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Martel, 1965 #26756]
Journal Article 1965 Boulbet, Jean Modes et techniques du pays maa' Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Boulbet, 1965 #26755]
Journal Article 1965 Cuisinier, Jeanne Le rituel familial à Bali Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Cuisinier, 1965 #26754]
Journal Article 1965 Lafont, Piere-Bernard Inventaire des manuscrits des pagodes du Laos Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Lafont, 1965 #26753]
Journal Article 1965 Clark, Kathleen Carl Gibson-Hill Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Clark, 1965 #26862]
Journal Article 1965 Delibrias, G. Saclay natural radiocarbon measurements II Radiocarbon [Delibrias, 1965 #26898]
Journal Article 1965 Minchen M. Chow, Mammalian fossils associated with the Hominid skull cap of Lantian, Shensi Scientia Sinica [Minchen 1965 #27887]
Book 1965 Condominas, Georges L'exotique est quotidien, Sar Luc, Viet-nam central Terre humaine. Civilisations et sociétés [Condominas, 1965 #19837]
Book 1965 Cotter, Conrad P. Bibliography of English language sources on human ecology: eastern Malaysia and Brunei [Cotter, 1965 #19858]
Book 1965 Stern, Philippe Les monuments Khmers du style du Bàyon et Jayavarman VII. [Stern, 1965 #20026]
Journal Article 1965 Bénisti, Mireille Représentations khmères de Viṣṇu couché Arts Asiatiques [Bénisti, 1965 #28378]
Journal Article 1965 Callow, K. J. The occurrence of telluride minerals at the Acupan gold mine, Mountain Province, Philippines Economic Geology [Callow, 1965 #28478]
Book Section 1965 Chang, Kwang-chih Relative chronologies of China to the end of Chou Chronologies in old world archaeology, vol. I and II [Chang, 1965 #23431]
Book (Edited) 1965 Ehrich, Robert W. Chronologies in Old World archaeology [Ehrich, 1965 #21446]
Book Section 1965 Matson, F. Ceramic ecology: an approach to the study of the early cultures of the Near East Ceramics and man [Matson, 1965 #23492]
Journal Article 1965 Matthews, J. M. Stratigraphic disturbance: the human element Antiquity [Matthews, 1965 #29289]
Journal Article 1965 Lyons, Elizabeth Traders of Ku Bua Archives of the Chinese Art Society of America [Lyons, 1965 #29353]
Journal Article 1965 Lamb, A. A note on glass fragments from Pengkalan Bujang, Malaya Journal of Glass Studies [Lamb, 1965 #29402]
Journal Article 1965 Lamb, A. Some glass beads from the Malay peninsula Man [Lamb, 1965 #29401]
Journal Article 1965 Khan, F. A. Excavations at Kot Diji Pakistan Archaeology [Khan, 1965 #29444]
Journal Article 1965 Harrisson, Tom The study of beads Man [Harrisson, 1965 #29584]
Journal Article 1965 Gokhale, B. G. The early Buddhist elite Journal of Indian History [Gokhale, 1965 #29643]
Journal Article 1965 Waterbolk, H. T. Comments on the use of metallurgical analysis in prehistoric societies Helinium [Waterbolk, 1965 #29676]
Book 1965 Fitzgerald, C. P. Barbarian beds: the origin of the chair in China [Fitzgerald, 1965 #20591]
Journal Article 1965 Dikshit, M. G. Studies in ancient Indian glass - I: glass as mentioned in Kautilya's Arthasastra East and West [Dikshit, 1965 #29789]
Journal Article 1965 Dales, G. F. New investigations at Mohenjodaro Archaeology [Dales, 1965 #29812]
Journal Article 1965 Chang, Kwang-chih Prehistoric and early historic culture horizons and traditions in South China Current Anthropology [Chang, 1965 #29900]
Book 1965 Boserup, Ester The conditions of agricultural growth: the economics of agrarian change under population pressure [Boserup, 1965 #20736]
Journal Article 1965 Boisselier, Jean U T'ong et son importance pour l'histoire de Thailande Silpakorn Journal [Boisselier, 1965 #29937]
Book 1965 Belshaw, Cyril S. Traditional exchange and modern markets [Belshaw, 1965 #20752]