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Journal Article 2012 van Driem, George The ethnolinguistic identity of the domesticators of Asian rice Comptes Rendus Palevol [van 2012 #28248]
Book Section 2013 van Driem, George Trans-Himalayan Trans-Himalayan Linguistics [van 2013 #22779]
Book Section 2011 van Driem, George Rice and the Austroasiatic and Hmong-Mien homelands Dynamics of human diversity [van 2011 #22985]
Book Section in a Series 2002 Van Driem, George Tibeto-Burman phylogeny and prehistory: languages, material culture and genes Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis [Van 2002 #25593]
Book Section 2005 van Driem, George Tibeto-Burman vs. Indo-Chinese: implications for population geneticists, archaeologists and prehistorians The peopling of East Asia: putting together archaeology, linguistics and genetics [van 2005 #24227]
Journal Article 1999 van Driem, George A new theory on the origin of Chinese Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [van 1999 #35432]