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Book Section in a Series 2013 Yasuda, Yoshinori Climate deterioration and Angkor's demise Water civilization: from Yangtze to Khmer civilizations [Yasuda, 2013 #25469]
Journal Article 2004 Yasuda, Yoshinori Environmental archaeology at the Chengtoushan site, Hunan Province, China, and implications for environmental change and the rise and fall of the Yangtze River civilization Quaternary International [Yasuda, 2004 #30654]
Book Section 2002 Toyama, Shuichi The origin and spread of rice cultivation as seen from rice remains The origins of pottery and agriculture [Toyama, 2002 #24431]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Toyama, Shuichi The origins and spread of rice cultivation in China Environmental changes and rise and fall of civilizations [Toyama, 2001 #26032]