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Journal Article 2008 Morwood, M. L. Climate, people and faunal succession on Java, Indonesia: evidence from Song Gupuh Journal of Archaeological Science [Morwood, 2008 #27695]
Book Section 1984 Soejono, R. P. Remarks on maritime shipping in prehistoric times in Indonesia Consultative workshop on research on maritime shipping and trade networks in Southeast Asia [Soejono, 1984 #23164]
Journal Article 1987 Soejono, R. P. Stone tools of paleolithic type in Lombok People and Culture in Oceania [Soejono, 1987 #28780]
Book Section 1982 Soejono, R. P. On the megaliths in Indonesia Megalithic cultures in Asia [Soejono, 1982 #23401]
Book 1977 Soejono, R. P. Sarkofagus Bali dan nekropolis Gilimanuk [Soejono, 1977 #20171]
Journal Article 1997 Soejono, R. P. Building the prehistory of Indonesia: commentary notes Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Soejono, 1997 #29109]
Book Section 2007 Soejono, R. P. Research on paleolithic tools in Eastern Indonesia Recent Advances on Southeast Asian Paleoanthropology and Archaeology: Proceedings International Seminar on Southeast Asian Paleoanthropology [Soejono, 2007 #23741]
Book in a Series 1969 Soejono, R. P. On prehistoric burial methods in Indonesia [Soejono, 1969 #21782]
Journal Article 1972 Mulvaney, D. J. The Australian-Indonesian archaeological expedition to Sulawesi Asian Perspectives (1970) [Mulvaney, 1972 #30380]
Book Section 1974 Soejono, R. P. Prehistoric research in Indonesia after the second world war Proceedings of the First Regional Seminar on Southeast Asian Prehistory and Archaeology, June 26-July 4, 1972 [Soejono, 1974 #24155]
Journal Article 2004 Brown, P. A new small-bodied hominin from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, Indonesia Nature [Brown, 2004 #30634]
Journal Article 2004 Morwood, M. J. Archaeology and age of a new hominin from Flores in eastern Indonesia Nature [Morwood, 2004 #30631]
Journal Article 1991 Soejono, R. P. Important prehistoric discoveries in Indonesia Jurnal Arkeologi Malaysia [Soejono, 1991 #31528]
Journal Article 1962 Soejono, R. P. Preliminary notes on new finds of lower-palaeolithic implements from Indonesia Asian Perspectives (1961) [Soejono, 1962 #33543]
Journal Article 1963 Soejono, R. P. Indonesia Asian Perspectives (1962) [Soejono, 1963 #33518]
Journal Article 1971 Soejono, R. P. The history of prehistoric research in Indonesia to 1950 Asian Perspectives (1969) [Soejono, 1971 #33319]
Journal Article 1972 Soejono, R. P. The study of prehistory in Indonesia: retrospect and prospect Asian Perspectives (1970) [Soejono, 1972 #33311]
Journal Article 1976 Soejono, R. P. Hendrik Robert van Heekeren: 1902-1974 Asian Perspectives (1975) [Soejono, 1976 #33178]
Journal Article 1972 Soejono, R. P. The distribution of types of bronze axes in Indonesia Bulletin of the Archaeological Institute of the Republic of Indonesia [Soejono, 1972 #33749]
Journal Article 1971 Mulvaney, D. J. Archaeology in Sulawesi, Indonesia Antiquity [Mulvaney, 1971 #34005]
Conference Paper 1994 Soejono, R. P. Building the prehistory of Indonesia: commentary notes 15th IPPA Congress January 5-12, 1994 [Soejono, 1994 #26505]
Conference Paper 1988 Soejono, R. P. Recent prehistoric discoveries in Indonesia Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe 2nd International Conference, 19-23 September, 1988 [Soejono, 1988 #26504]
Book (Edited) 1984 Soejono, R. P. Jaman Prasejarah di Indonesia (Prehistoric Period in Indonesia) Sejarah Nasional Indonesia (National History of Indonesia) - I [Soejono, 1984 #21587]
Book Section 1997 Soejono, R. P. Considerations on the Megalithic tradition with special reference to Indonesia Southeast Asian Archaeology 1992: Proceedings of the 4th Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Soejono, 1997 #24850]
Journal Article 1978 Jacob, Teuku Stone tools from Mid-Pleistocene sediments in Java Science [Jacob, 1978 #35580]
Journal Article 1987 Soejono, R. P. Archaeological research in Indonesia Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Soejono, 1987 #35791]
Book Section 1979 Soejono, R. P. The significance of the excavations at Gilimanuk (Bali) Early South East Asia: essays in archaeology, history, and historical geography [Soejono, 1979 #25138]