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Journal Article 2015 Dega, Michael Review of <i> Kua'āina Kahiko: life and land in ancient Kahikinui, Maui </i> by Patrick Vinton Kirch Asian Perspectives (2014) [Dega, 2015 #26847]
Journal Article 2014 Dega, Michael The social and ecological trajectory of prehistoric Cambodian earthworks Asian Perspectives (2013) [Dega, 2014 #28031]
Journal Article 2011 Latinis, D. Kyle A brief study of Cambodian circular earthwork ceramics as explained through EDXRF analysis Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Latinis, 2011 #28306]
Journal Article 1999 Stark, Miriam T. Results of the 1995-1996 archaeological field investigations at Angkor Borei, Cambodia Asian Perspectives (1999) [Stark, 1999 #32756]