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Ref ID: 28306
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Latinis, D. Kyle
Dega, Michael
Title: A brief study of Cambodian circular earthwork ceramics as explained through EDXRF analysis
Date: 2011
Source: Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Abstract: Prehistoric circular earthwork sites occurring across the basaltic plateau of eastern Cambodia/western Vietnam are internally homogenous in terms of site characteristics and material record. Energy Dispersive X-Ray fluorescence(EDXRF) analysis of several earthwork ceramic assemblage samples was studied in efforts to determine whether ceramic production centers could be recognized within the circular site grouping. The EDXRF study provides an additional level of analysis to show that earthwork pottery was not being traded further south, into the Mekong Delta floodplains, and vice-versa.
Date Created: 11/21/2013
Volume: 31
Page Start: 64
Page End: 75