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Journal Article 2018 Pryce, T. O. Copper-base metallurgy in metal-age Bali: evidence from Gilimanuk, Manikliyu, Pacung, Pangkung Paruk and Sembiran Archaeometry [Pryce, 2018 #26761]
Journal Article 2013 Carson, M. T. The pottery trail from Southeast Asia to remote Oceania Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology [Carson, 2013 #27723]
Journal Article 2010 Mijares, A. M. New evidence for a 67,000-year-old human presence at Callao Cave, Luzon, Philippines Journal of Human Evolution [Mijares, 2010 #27792]
Journal Article 2013 Hung, H.-C. Coastal connectivity: long term trading networks across the South China Sea Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology [Hung, 2013 #27813]
Report 2010 Bellwood, P. Report on the 2009 archaeological excavation at An Son [Bellwood, 2010 #36160]
Journal Article 2014 Piper, Philip J. Early evidence for pig and dog husbandry from the neolithic site of An Son, southern Vietnam International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Piper, 2014 #27981]
Journal Article 2007 Hung, H.-C Ancient jades map 3000 years of prehistoric exchange in Southeast Asia PNAS [Hung, 2007 #29596]
Journal Article 2005 Iizuka, Y. Mineralogical studies of the Niah West Mouth jade lingling-o Sarawak Museum Journal [Iizuka, 2005 #30182]
Book Section 1994 Bellwood, P. Human prehistory Belalong: a tropical rainforest [Bellwood, 1994 #24033]
Book Section 2000 Bellwood, P. The Northern Moluccas as a crossroads between Indonesia and the Pacific Antar Hubungan Bahasa dan Budaya di Kawasan Non-Austronesia [Bellwood, 2000 #24032]
Journal Article 1993 Ardika, I. W. A single source for South Asian export-quality Rouletted Ware? Man and Environment [Ardika, 1993 #30197]
Journal Article 1995 Flannery, T. Fossil marsupials (Macropodidae, Peroryctidae) and other mammals of Holocene age from Halmahera, North Moluccas, Indonesia Alcheringa [Flannery, 1995 #30196]
Journal Article 1999 Flannery, T. F. Mammals from Holocene archaeological deposits on Gebe and Morotai Islands, Northern Moluccas, Indonesia Australian Mammalogy [Flannery, 1999 #30194]
Journal Article 1992 Bellwood, P. New dates for prehistoric Asian rice Asian Perspectives (1992) [Bellwood, 1992 #32937]