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Welcome to the new Southeast Asian Archaeological Bibliography

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For guest users: You need not log in to use the database, but you will not be able to access pdfs or create a marked collection.

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Creating a username and password allows the user to set up one or more collections (called Marked Collections) of references that will be maintained even when the user is logged out. Logging in also allows the user to open pdfs of accessible articles and dissertations.

For users of the old Southeast Asian Archaeology Bibliographic Database:

The new Database has some changes. As noted above, you can now search for references without creating a login, but if you want to maintain Marked Collections, you must log in. Your login and password for the old site has not been transferred, so you must create a new login and password. One advantage is that you can now create and maintain as many Marked Collections as you please.

So far, only five output styles are available; more will be created. You can download citations only into a csv file; the ability to download into other bibliographic software programs is not yet active.