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Ref ID: 37343
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Zhang, Xiaoming
Qi, Xuebin
Yang, Zhaohui
Serey, Bun
Sovannary, Tuot
Bunnath, Long
Hong Seang Aun,
Samnom, Ham
Zhang, Hui
Lin, Qiang
Van Oven, Mannis
Shi, Hong
Su, Bing
Title: Analysis of mitochondrial genome diversity identifies new and ancient maternal lineages in Cambodian aborigines
Date: 2013
Source: Nature Communications
Abstract: Cambodia harbours a variety of aboriginal (and presumably ancient) populations that have largely been ignored in studies of genetic diversity. Here we investigate the matrilineal gene pool of 1,054 Cambodians from 14 geographic populations. Using mitochondrial whole-genome sequencing, we identify eight new mitochondrial DNA haplogroups, all of which are either newly defined basal haplogroups or basal sub-branches. Most of the new basal haplogroups have very old coalescence ages, ranging from ~55,000 to ~68,000 years, suggesting that present-day Cambodian aborigines still carry ancient genetic polymorphisms in their maternal lineages, and most of the common Cambodian haplogroups probably originated locally before expanding to the surrounding areas during prehistory. Moreover, we observe a relatively close relationship between Cambodians and populations from the Indian subcontinent, supporting the earliest costal route of migration of modern humans from Africa into mainland Southeast Asia by way of the Indian subcontinent some 60,000 years ago.
Volume: 4
Number: 2599