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Ref ID: 37326
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Albers, Paul C. H.
Louys, Julien
Van der Geer, Alexandra A. E.
Title: Eugène Dubois’ work in Sumatra
Date: 2024
Source: Quaternary Palaeontology and Archaeology of Sumatra
Abstract: This chapter presents the historical story of Dubois’ cave research on Sumatra. Over two years in the Padang Highlands, Dubois explored a number of cave sites in his search for the ‘missing link’. These include not only caves such as Lida Ajer, Jambu and Sibrambang that yielded large amounts of fossils, but also many other caves, often much smaller or with fewer or no fossils in them. As a
supplement to the story, Dubois’ field notes and official reports are disclosed and translated into English. Dubois’ observations in the field indicate that he had a strong grasp of geological and
palaeontological principles, given the knowledge current at the time. Dubois’ later success in Java greatly overshadowed his accomplishments in Sumatra, which, although not as well known, have been significant for understanding its biological history.
Editors: Louys, Julien
Albers, Paul C. H.
Van der Geer, Alexandra A. E.
Page Start: 15
Page End: 59