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Ref ID: 37302
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Pryce, T. O.
Pradier, Baptiste
Favereau, Aude
U Saw Naing Oo,
Le Meur, Clémence
Daw Kay Thwe Oo,
U Arkar Aye,
Daw Thu Thu Win,
Kinga Alina Langowska,
Hanus, Kasper
Iizuka, Yoshiyuki
Georgon, Cloé
Zhuang, Yijie
Castillo, Cristina
Fuller, Dorian
Hlaing, Daw
Win, Sabai
Daw Han Myo Kyi Aung,
Champion, Louis
U Myo Minh Oo,
U Min Naing Oo,
U Zayar Phyo,
U Phyo Wai Maung,
Daw Yin Min Myat,
U Thein Zaw,
Khun Atiphat Paibool,
Khun Varis Domethong,
Willis, Anna
Higham, Charles F. W.
Higham, Thomas F. G.
Title: Late prehistoric and early historic chronology
of Myanmar: a four-millennia sequence from Halin
Date: 2024
Source: Antiquity
Abstract: Myanmar is located within an important geographic corridor of prehistoric demographic and technological exchange, yet relatively few archaeological sites have been securely dated. Here, the authors present a new radiocarbon chronology for Halin, a UNESCO-listed complex in the north-central Sagaing Division of Myanmar, which contributes to the generation of nuanced regional chronologies and to improving the temporal resolution of Southeast Asia more generally. Discussion of 94 radiocarbon determinates, together with site stratigraphy and pottery traditions, provides a chronological sequence from the early third millennium BC to the early second millennium AD. Corroboration of the beginning of this sequence would place Halin as the oldest currently dated Neolithic site in Mainland Southeast Asia and would provide support for the two-layer model of Neolithic migration.
Volume: 98
Number: 397
Page Start: 30
Page End: 47