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Ref ID: 37294
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Shimizu, Naho
White, Joyce
Boileau, Marie-Claude
Bouasisengpaseuth, Bounheuang
Luangkhot, Thonglith
Bounxaythip, Souliya
Title: Historical Ceramics Recovered in Luang Prabang, the Lao PDR: Preliminary Review of Sources, Chronology, Distribution, and International Trade
Date: 2024
Source: Journal of Southeast Asian Archaeology
Abstract: Luang Prabang (Province) is located in the northern part of Lao PDR. In this region, the Institute for Southeast Asian Archaeology has conducted field survey and excavations, in collaboration with the Lao Government, under a program entitled the Middle Mekong Archaeological Project (MMAP). Through nearly 20 years of research including test excavations at several caves along river basins, a large amount of artefacts have been unearthed or collected. A major portion of these finds are earthenware sherds produced in the prehistoric period, while some ceramic sherds can be dated to the historic period (after the first millennium A.D.). The authors undertook initial study of recovered ceramic sherds in 2022. As a result of the classification and identification of historic ceramics, it was confirmed that 71 sherds are Lao regional stoneware and another 21 pieces are trade ceramics (porcelain and stoneware), which were transported to this region. This brief paper outlines preliminary observations of the historic ceramic specimens, and attempts to begin discussions of the category, typology, chronology, and origin of the trade ceramics, with the aim of documenting international trade and trading routes in each historical period, as well as the distribution of imported wares in Luang Prabang Province based on archaeological evidence.
Volume: 43