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Ref ID: 37287
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Zhang, Yekun
Qin, Fang
Pu, Xiaodong
Wei, Wenheng
Piper, Philip J.
Title: Chronological analysis of prehistoric freshwater shell mounds in the Yongjiang River Basin, Guangxi, China
Date: 2024
Source: Archaeological Research in Asia
Abstract: Previous chronometric age estimations of freshwater shell mounds in Guangxi, China have been controversial, ranging from c. 10,000 to c. 5000 cal BP. The accuracy of the radiocarbon dating performed on freshwater shell and bone samples have been questioned due to the possible presence of a freshwater reservoir effect and potential bone sample contamination. This study presents new results of 18 new AMS dates obtained on macrobotanical and freshwater shell remains from three representative shell mound sites in Guangxi. The project demonstrates that problems do indeed exist with previous dating methods and materials. The preliminary research outcomes presented here indicate Guangxi shell mounds likely accumulated within a much narrower chronological range during the Early Holocene than previously recognised.
Volume: 37
Number: 100502