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Ref ID: 37210
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Mustapa, Baharim
Razali, Rafidah
Muhamed, Kamarul Redzuan
Badri Shah Abdul Ghani,
Mohamed, Muhazam
Arbi, Ruzairy
Ideris, Farizah
Khairil Amri Abd Ghani,
Ali, Azizi
Minhat, Fatin Izzati
Muhammad Hafeez Jeofry,
Baszley Bee Basrah Bee,
Shaari, Hasrizal
Title: Discovery and excavation of artifacts from the Bidong shipwreck, Malaysia
Date: 2023
Source: Advances in Archaeological Practice
DOI: 10.1017/aap.2022.45
Abstract: Underwater archaeological research has been developed less aggressively in Malaysia than in other ASEAN partner countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. In past decades, financial constraints have limited the development of underwater archaeology, and the field has been dominated by commercial salvage experts. Malaysia has not addressed many issues or fundamental problems related to future development. The discovery of the Bidong Shipwreck in 2013 has raised hopes that underwater archaeological research in Malaysia will develop more dynamically. The successful excavation of this shipwreck site proves that local experts can conduct scientific excavations. This article presents and discusses the discovery and process of excavating artifacts from the Bidong Shipwreck. The project outcomes provide a guide for stakeholders and agencies involved in future underwater excavations in Malaysian waters.
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