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Ref ID: 37146
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Zakharov, Anton
Title: Was the early history of Campā really revised? A reassessment of the classical narratives of Linyi and the 6th-8th-century Campā kingdom
Date: 2019
Source: Champa: Territories and Networks of a Southeast Asian Kingdom
Place of Publication: Moscow, Russia
Publisher: École Française d'Extreme Orient
Abstract: In this chapter, Anton Zakharov makes a reading of epigraphical data to challenge two revisionist tendencies in recently published studies of early Campā. The first is to regard Linyi and Campā as the same polity. He argues that these were two different kingdoms, and that the Linyi that appears in Chinese sources was located north of Hải Vân pass and thus quite separate from the Thu Bồn valley which was the heartland of early Campā. The second tendency is to see Campā as just "a set of kingdoms of the same name". Arguing against this point, he presents 6th-8th-century epigraphical evidence relating to the kingdom's territorial divisions and the contexts of the name Campā. He also examines the extent of Campā's territory from the Thu Bồn to Đà Rằng valleys under the Gaṅgārāja, and its later expansion southwards into Khánh Hòa. According to his interpretation of the military and territorial arrangements described in the epigraphical sources, early Campā was a unitary state whose borders changed over time.
Editors: Griffiths, Arlo
Hardy, Andrew
Wade, Geoff
Volume: 31
Page Start: 147
Page End: 157