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Ref ID: 37099
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Conrad, Cyler
Shoocongdej, Rasmi
Marwick, Ben
White, Joyce C.
Thongcharoenchaikit, Cholawit
Higham, Charles
Feathers, James K.
Tumpeesuwan, Sakboworn
Castillo, Cristina C.
Fuller, Dorian Q.
Jones, Emily Lena
Title: Re-evaluating Pleistocene–Holocene occupation of cave sites in north-west Thailand: new radiocarbon and luminescence dating
Date: 2021
Source: Antiquity
DOI: 10.15184/aqy.2021.44
Abstract: Established chronologies indicate a long-term ‘Hoabinhian’ hunter-gatherer occupation of Mainland Southeast Asia during the Terminal Pleistocene to Mid-Holocene (45 000–3000 years ago). Here, the authors re-examine the ‘Hoabinhian’ sequence from north-west Thailand using new radiocarbon and luminescence data from Spirit Cave, Steep Cliff Cave and Banyan Valley Cave. The results indicate that hunter-gatherers exploited this ecologically diverse region throughout the Terminal Pleistocene and the Pleistocene–Holocene transition, and into the period during which agricultural lifeways emerged in the Holocene. Hunter-gatherers did not abandon this highland region of Thailand during periods of environmental and socioeconomic change.
Volume: 96
Number: 386
Page Start: 280
Page End: 297